Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the package list of the Obsidian camera?

1. R/S
A) Standard: Carring Case, Lens Cleaning Cloths, Sync control cable for Zoom H2n, Ethernet Cable.
B) Complimentary: POE Power Cord, POE Power Supply.

A) Standard: Carring Case, Lens Cleaning Cloths, Sync control cable for Zoom H2n, Remote Controller(including Batteries).
B) Complimentary: Adapter(12V 2A)

2. What’s the audio recording system format of Obsidian?


3. What size of the triple port can drones use?


4. Is the camera of Obsidian rolling shutter or global shutter?

Rolling Shutter.

5. For timelapse,what’s the time interval and file format?

The default time interval is 10 seconds and is customizable. Options includes 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 60s.
The file format is jpg(default) and DNG.

6. What’s the normal working temperature of the Obsidian?

The normal working temperature is 0-30℃.

7. How does the Obsidian record sound? Will each camera record sound separately?

1 Built-in mic for 6 cameras
2 Spatial Audio support(Zoom H2N)

R/S also support:
External sync recording audio equipment,two channel stereo.
What’s the bitrate of the Obsidian camera?

8. What’s the bitrate of the Obsidian camera?

Pioneer Version: 30 Mbps
Obsidian S/R: 60Mbps(default), 100Mbps

1. Does it shoot DNG files?

Only image can be saved to DNG format.

2. What’s the camera usage scenario?

You can photo by car, drone, sliding cable, rocker arm. You can also handhold or hang the camera depending on your needs.

3. What’s the dynamic range of S/R/Go?

10 stops(video)/12 stops(image)

4. What’s the safe distance of Obsidian R/S/GO?

Obsidian Go: 1m
Obsidian S/R:

5. What’s the requirement of the router’s specification?

1. battery powering;
2. can connect to extranet;
3. with a LAN port
Our Recommendation:
1. Huawei Honor WS831 2.4G/5G Dual Band Mini Wireless Router
2. AC750 Wireless Travel Router TL-WR902AC

6. What are the ways of powering?

1. Internal powering: with 2 batteries of Canon DSLR (i.e. Canon LP-E6);
2. External powering: 48V PoE or 12V adapter

7. How does the Obsidian save the files?

Each camera will save its file to its SD card.

8. Are there any software applications to adjust the setting, such as exprosure,shutter angle.

Users can use Obsidian Remote App to adjust these settings.

9. What happen if the SD card is full?

1. If the SD card of Camera 01 is full, all cameras of the Obsidian will stop recording.
2. If the SD card of Camera 02-06 is full, the camera with a full SD card stops recording while other cameras remain recording.

10. How long can the battery last for Obsidian R/S while shooting?

For Canon LP-E6:
R/S-40 minutes
GO-2 hours

1. What’s the solution to deformation?

1 Calibration.
2 If calibration doesn’t work, please check whether the file name of the source material is correct. The rule of the file name is in the manual of Kandao Studio.

2. What’s the preferred distance?

The preferred distance depends on what object you want to emphasize and get the best quality of your picture/video.
Vehicle inside: 1m
Indoors: 3-5m
Outdoors: 15m
Landscape: 50-100m

3. Why does Studio need to take such a long time on video stitching?

Because we apply the optical flow to ensure higher image quality and better details.

4. Can Studio apply to the image processing of DNG?

The image processing of DNG would require post-production via Adobe Camera Raw.

5. What’s the GPU and Memory required for Kandao Studio?

fast mode
2K – 2G GPU+8G Memory
3K – 4G GPU+16GB Memory
4K – 4G GPU+16GB Memory
6K – 4G GPU+16GB Memory
8K – 6G GPU+24GB Memory
high-quality mode
2K – 6G GPU+16G Memory
3K – 6G GPU+16GB Memory
4K – 6G GPU+16GB Memory
6K – 8G GPU+16GB Memory
8K – 8G GPU+24GB Memory
depth mode
2K – 6G GPU+16G Memory
3K – 6G GPU+16GB Memory
4K – 6G GPU+16GB Memory
6K – 8G GPU+16GB Memory
8K – 8G GPU+24GB Memory

6. Can I run the Studio on the Mac with windows system?

No, because Studio can only run on the computer with the NVIDIA graphics card while the the graphics card of Mac is AMD.

7. What’s the hardware requirement of Kandao Studio?

1. CPU: Intel Core i7 or the higher level CPU
2. Graphics Card: GTX 1080 or the higher level NVIDIA graphics card
3. RAM: at least 16 GB
4. Hard Disk: at least 5G available,SSD better
5. Operation System: Windows 10
6. Graphic Drivers: Please download the latest graphics driver at

What should I do if the VR live is intermittent?

Check the adequacy of upstream and downstream bandwidth. It should be twice as much as the bitrate of Live streaming.

What’s the requirement of the network bandwidth for live?

At least 10Mbps for upstream bandwidth.

1. Recommended System Configuration

– OS: Windows 10 64bit / MacOS 10.13.x
– Memory: 8GB or above

About the crash problem on device.

We have released a new version for the crash problem happend in some users’ device. Looking foward to your feedback!

How to deal with the crash problem?

The crash problem may be caused by insufficient memory. You can try to decrease the files number of one task and close some other software.

1. LED Indicator Status

Camera: LED Indicator
-Power off: Off
-Charging: Power LED red
-Charging (Stand-by mode): Power LED purple
-Charging finished: Power LED off
-Low battery level: Power LED red and keep flashing (below 5%), the camera will beep for a while and keep working. When it is below 1%, the camera keeps beeping and then turns off
-Stand-by mode: Power LED blue, shooting status lights on
-Photo: Shooting status light (3D or 360) flashes once
-Video: Shooting status light (3D or 360) flashes slowly
-Micro SD card error: Shooting status lights flash quickly
-Micro SD card storage is full: Shooting status lights flash quickly
-Updating firmware: Power LED flashes slowly

2. Where to download the tutorial for QooCam APP and QooCam Studio as well as the detailed FAQ?

3. Has anyone else noticed QooCam getting hot after using a long time?

QooCam has a metal (aluminium) body which is capable of dissipating the heat produced when filming. It will get hot but it won’t affect its functionality and image quality. Also, it will turn off automatically if there is no operation in around 3 mins to save battery.

4. Why the photo resolution is 4K (4320*2160)?

Just like Sony A7 II and Sony A7s II, Lumix GH5 and Lunix GH5s, a camera with better video quality is more expensive than the other. And there usually are trade-off between photo resolution and video resolution. Some 360 cameras choose to have higher photo resolution, thus sacrificing the video quality because of the sensor pixel binning/skipping when outputting video. We think Qoocam is more a video camera than a photo camera, so we use “full sensor readout” to make the video quality better, a better 4K compared with others brand.
In this way the photo resolution is just the same as video resolution, but we’ll provide DNG raw and DNG8 Raw+ to get the best out of the picture.

5. What should I do when the camera firmware updating failed?

1 Please check whether your Qoocam App version is the latest one.
2 Please don’t keep the Qoocam running in the background when upgrading.
3 Please check whether the MicroSD card is inserted in the camera.
4 Please make sure that the camera electricity volume is above 50%.
5 If it still fail to work, please contact Kandao team for further check and help.

6. What’s the resolution of QooCam?

Photo: 4320*2160
Video: 3840*1920@30fps, 3840*1920@60fps, 1920*960@120fps

7. The video records but after 30 seconds to a minute, it automatically stops and ends the recorded video. My memory card is not full. Why?

The write speed is not enough. Please swap it and u3 is recommended (e.g. Toshiba, Samsung, SanDisk).

8. Is there any accessories I can get for free?

A lens protective cover ( also can be used as base support), a simple piece of VR glasses(for phone); there are also selfie stick and Bluetooth remote controller sold in our Official website.

9. How about the warranty period?

One year. For more information, please contact

10. Could I change the battery, and could we shoot while charge?

The battery is built-in. You could charge the camera while shooting. And the input is limited by 5V, 1.5A.

11. What SD card type could Qoocam support?

UHS-I、exFAT(FAT64), and it support 256GB SD card at maximum.

12. Is there internal SD card for QooCam?

No, and it support 256GB micro SD card at maximum.

13. Is the Qoocam waterproof?

No. We will make a case for QooCam.

14. Can I use external audio mic for Qoocam?

Currently, no yet.

15. What the QooCam ISO range?


16. How long can QooCam work?

The battery is 2600Amh, shooting video (3840*1920@30fps) can last more than 2 hours.

17. What’s the size of foot mounting port?


18. How could I avoid my hand appear in the 180 3D footage?

You could use selfie-stick.

19. Why the shooting status light (360 or 3D) is blinking fast?

It indicates that the SD card error or out of volume. Please check whether the MicroSD card is inserted or swap the MicroSD card.

20. Why the Power LED Light blinking continuously?

The camera battery level is low.

21. How to use QooCam independently?

For taking photo: Short press the shutter button for 2 seconds to start taking photos; Press the shutter button again to stop.
For taking video: Long press the shutter button to start recording.

22. How to restart the camera when it crashes?

Try to hold the camera power button for 5 seconds toturn off the camera.

23. How to turn on Qoocam?

Press the power button for two seconds to turn it on, and there will be a sound if QooCam is on.

24. How can we use QooCam?

You could use it via APP controller (WiFi), Bluetooth remote controller, or use it independently.

1. What’s the requirement for the computer to run QooCam Studio?

-CPU:i3 3rd generation or above
-GPU:Intel HD Graphics 4000 or above (support OpenGL 3.3)
-Momery:8GB or above
-Operating System: win7 64bit or win10 64bit,macOS 10.10.x or above

2. Why my video is clipped?

The footage will be clipped in a 8-minute clip by default when you shoot longer than it.

3. How do I export videos or photos of QooCam to my computer?

There are two methods:
1. Turn on the Qoocam, connect it to the computer via the USB cable and the power light will blink blue. Tap the power button, the power light will stay blue. Now you can export the files from the camera. Download QooCam Studio for stitching and editing.
2. You can also unplug the SD card from QooCam and export the files via the card reader. Download QooCam Studio for stitching and editing.

4. Why is the 180 3D footage Left and Right side “Mirrored” and not “side by side”?

The source file is reversed. It would be “normal” after stitching in QooCam Studio.

5. Where can I download the QooCam Studio software?

Software in our official website:
Tutorial for QooCam Studio:

1. After uploading the footage from the app to Facebook, the compression is horrible, why?

Here is the way to fix the problem:
1. Choose to export the video at high quality (60mbps) which is in the setting of the QooCam app;
2. In Facebook app, Settings > Media & Contacts > Video & Photo > Upload Videos in HD. How to make selfie stick invisible in the photo/video?
In 360 shooting mode, you can have your selfie stick invisible by keeping the camera in line with the stick:

2. How to update the firmware?

1) Every time you open the App, the APP will check whether the firmware is the latest version. If not, APP will remind you to download it;
2) Connect the APP to the camera, go to “setting” and click “FW Updates”;
3) Firmware transferring;
4)The camera starts to upgrade the system after the firmware package is transferred. During the upgrading process, the power light flashes. When camera upgrade is completed, the camera will automatically turn off.
There must be at least 50% battery level in the camera and SD card inserted. The camera cannot be shut down during the upgrading process, or it may not work.

3. How could I view the footage in VR 3D mode?

1. For the 3D 180 video in Facebook:
Click the ●●● on the top right corner, then click SAVE VIDEO. Put on your Oculus Go, go to Facebook 360 App, scroll down Your Videos. The video will appear on your Saved Videos list.
2. For the 3D 180 video in YouTube:
When you play the 180 3D footage in YouTube on desktop PC, it will show like traditional frame video. When you open the video on YouTube APP, choose the quality to 2160s, select the cardboard symbol, and the video will play in the 3D 180 mode. Put on VR goggles or cardboard or VR headset like Samsung GearVR to enjoy.
3. For the 3D 180 video in QooCam APP:
Click “APP Album”, select the 3D 180 picture/video, select the cardboard symbol, and the video will play in the 3D 180 mode. Put on VR goggles on the phoen and enjoy.

4. How to export Tiny planet images?

1. Open the QooCam App and click“APP Album”;
2. Click the panorama picture and click“Edit”.
3. Select “Tiny planet”and you can drag to adjust the angle;
4. Save it after finishing editing and then it will generate the tiny planet image in“Edited Album”. You can share it to the social platform or download it to your phone’s local album.

5. How to share or save my picture/video after shooting?

1. Open QooCam App, in “Camera Album”, choose the video/picture from you want to edit and download.
2. In “App Album”, Click the edit button to go to the editing page.
3. After editing, click “Save” and the footage will be saved to “Edited Album”.
4. You can also choose to share it to social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or save it to the camera roll of your mobile phone.

6. What could I do when the Bluetooth remote controller cannot be connected:

1. Make sure the camera is turned on;
2. Please confirm that the Bluetooth remote controller is turned on;
3. Please confirm that the camera is within the range of Bluetooth signal;
4. Please check that the camera firmware is the latest version;
If it still not works, please contact Kandao service team:

7. How to pair QooCam and Bluetooth remote controller?

1. Press and hold the shutter button of QooCam, then press the power button for 2s to turn on the camera and enter the Bluetooth pairing mode. At this time, the 360 and 3D status lights flash alternatively;
2. Turn on the Bluetooth remote controller and the camera will automatically connect to the Bluetooth remote controller. the Bluetooth connection success when the camera “buzzing” for one second;
3. After the Bluetooth connection is successful, the QooCam camera and the Bluetooth remote controller will automatically connect as soon as they are turned on. To re-pair the new Bluetooth remote controller, you need to follow step 1 and try again.
4. After the camera enters the pairing mode, if the connection is not successful, press the power button of the QooCam for 5 seconds to shut down the camera forcefully, and then try it again from step 1.

8. Press the power button again briefly to switch the Wi-Fi on, but the WiFi light is not blinking. What happened?

If QooCam is plugged with the USB cable, there is no WiFi. If it is the case, unplug the USB and try again.

9. Fail to research QooCam WiFi in the WiFi list of the phone?

If the WiFi light of QooCam is flashing, but you could not search QooCam WiFi in the WiFi list, please switch the Wifi frequency from 5G to 2.4G. Here is the workflow: Press the “power button” to turn on QooCam, tap the “power button ” to turn on 5G WiFi, or double click “power button “to turn on 2.4G WiFi, and the WiFi light will be blinking.

10. Failed to connect QooCam with Android phone via WiFi?

For Android phone, there are two ways for successful connection:
1. Go to the phone’s setting > WLAN/wifi, and there is an advanced setting that will automatically switch between the networks depending on the signal or connectivity. If you find this option, please turn it off.
2. Or turn off mobile data and then attempt to connect to camera
1) For Samsung phones like Galaxy S8 and S9, please try disable “Switch to mobile data” that automatically switches from a network without internet connection (e.g. QooCam) to a network with.
2) For Google Pixel phones, please turn off the option “connect to open networks” in WiFi setting.

11. What’s the camera SN number and WiFi name and password?

You can find the SN number written on the bottom of the camera. The WiFi name of QooCam is [QooCam+ last five number of SN series number] and the WiFi password is 12345678 by default.

12. How to turn on the camera WiFi?

Tap the power button to turn on the WiFi 5G, or double click the power button to turn on WiFi 2.4G. There will be a sound and WiFi light will blink continuously.

13. What phones can QooCam app be compatible?

iOS: iOS 9.0 and above; iPhoneX, iPhone 8/8 plus, iPhone 7/7 plus, iPhone 6s/6s plus, iPhone SE;
Android: Android 6.0 and above; Samsung S7/S8/S9, Vivo X20, Vivo XPLAY6, Vivo X9, pixel1, pixel2, Huawei mate 8pro, Huawei mate 9pro, Huawei mate 10, Huawei P20, OPPO R15, OPPO R11, etc.

14. Where can I download the QooCam app?

iOS: Appstore
Android: Google Play or Yingyongbao.

15. How to check the camera firmware version?

Connect QooCam to the QooCam APP, go to “setting” and check the Firmware version.

16. What should I do when the camera firmware updating failed?

1 Please check whether your Qoocam App version is the latest one.
2 Please don’t keep the Qoocam running in the background when upgrading.
3 Please check whether the MicroSD card is inserted in the camera.
4 Please make sure that the camera electricity volume is above 50%.
5 If it still fail to work, please contact Kandao team for further check and help.