Kandao® and Visbit® Demonstrated the World’s First 8K VR Video Live Streaming Across Pacific Ocean

Two companies together offer a ready-for-use 8K VR Live Broadcasting Solution

Kandao Technology, the leading solution provider of virtual reality software and camera manufacturing, and Visbit Inc., the leading immersive media transmission and playback technology company, announced today that they successfully demonstrated an 8K VR video live streaming across the Pacific Ocean on 7PM PST, Sep 14th. This joint-demo remarks the two companies are now able to offer a complete and ready-for-use 8K VR Live broadcasting solution to the industry.

The world 1st 8K VR video live streaming from Shenzhen, China (left) to Silicon Valley (mid) at 07:01 PM PST, Sep 14.

The 8K live stream was generated in Kandao’s Shenzhen office and delivered all the way to multiple VR headsets at Visbit’s Silicon Valley office. With the 8K resolution video quality, Visbit engineers were able to see Kandao staffs’ activities across Pacific Ocean in real-time and with great details. To re-experience this 8K cross-ocean live streaming, you can watch on YouTube via this link or, for better 8K quality, install “Visbit 8K VR Video” app from Oculus Store to watch it on a Gear VR with Galaxy S8/S9 phone.

The 8K live workflow started from a Kandao Obsidian R, a professional VR camera equipped with 6 fisheye lenses, and each lens of Obsidian R outputs a 11.4 Mega pixels video stream. All 6 streams were then stitched and encoded in H.265 with Kandao Live software in real time to produce the 8K 360-degree live RTMP stream. Comparing to other solutions that need customized camera rig and very expensive computation power for stitching and encoding, the offer from Kandao is fairly simple and easy to access.

Visbit system then took 8K RTMP signal from Kandao camera and completed the whole 8K live distribution and playback for end users. First, Visbit Cloud ingested the 8K RTMP H.265 stream and live transcoded 8K signal in real time using Visbit’s View-Optimized Streaming (VVOS) technology. The 8K signal is such transcoded that it can smoothly distributed to global CDNs and then to a large number of audiences with different devices and internet bandwidth, even across oceans, in live. The 8K signal was finally received and played back in Visbit 8K VR Player app on Gear VR with an Samsung S8/S9 phone and Oculus Go.

Visbit and Kandao together offer a ready-to-use 8K VR live broadcasting solution, end-to-end from VR cameras to VR headsets over the Internet.

“Released in 2017, Kandao Obsidian is already a proven professional VR camera with 8K 3D production capability.” said Dan Chen, CEO and Co-Founder of Kandao, “By optimizing the whole stereoscopic stitching and encoding pipeline, Kandao Live software solution significantly lowers the hardware requirements to the processing computer, making it possible to use one local PC to handle all the 8K live workload in real time.”

“Back in 2017, we already demonstrated 5K live streaming of 360-degree VR videos on NABShow, together with AMD. Visbit VVOS technology has been live ready since then. Today, we are excited to see Visbit Cloud and Visbit 8K VR player immediately picked up the 8K live signal from Kandao camera. Combining Kandao’s Obsidian camera, Kandao Live software, Visbit’s Live VR cloud service, and Visbit 8K Live Player, we can now offer a ready-to-use solution to power up all kinds of contents to be delivered to the world in 8K and in real time.” said Changyin Zhou, CEO and Co-Founder of Visbit.

The two companies believe with the 5G network being deployed globally in the following years, the screen-to-screen latency will be significantly reduced and more users will be able to enjoy live sports and show immersively at anywhere anytime. The system is demonstrating at IBC exhibition Kandao Booth 10.C25 for Sep 13-18th

About Visbit, Inc.

Visbit Inc. is a leading immersive media transmission and playback technology company. With its patented Visbit View-Optimized Streaming (VVOS) technology, Visbit is able to stream and play 4K to 12K resolution 360-degree VR videos without noticeable latency over regular Wi-Fi and LTE. With the technology, Visbit offers Premium Playback Service and Streaming SDK Service to content creators, publishers and developers for immersive media as a full-scale content delivery and playback solution across most mobile VR and AR platforms. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, USA. For more information go to www.visbit.co.