Find the most beautiful places in the city, Shoot with QooCam and Win cash

If you had to select some places which you believe are the most beautiful one in the city, which ones you will recommend others to visit? Iconic locations? Inspiring architecture? Or a lovely park you most hang out? Take your QooCam, and show us!

No matter 360 or 180 3D, no matter photos or videos, just release your creativity and make the most use of QooCam. We are giving away cash to THREE talents! $500 for the first prize winner!

Watch the video here: My City My Life Contest 2018

How to Enter

1. Find the most beautiful places in the city and shoot with QooCam

2. From October 1 – October 31, upload 360 or 180 or edited photos/videos to Facebook timeline with the hashtag #mycitymylife #QooCam and mention our Page “KandaoVR


The submission should reflect the city and be uploaded to Facebook’s timeline before October 31st 2018. The three pieces that collect the highest number of likes win. The winners will be announced soon on Facebook after closing.


1. Participants can share on Facebook timeline, and the likes received before 12.00 pm Pacific Time November 7th will be calculated.

2. Participants can also share the post to groups to win more likes, but need to screenshot the likes received in groups to for calculation before 12.00 pm Pacific Time November 7th, or it won’t be counted.

Prize for Winners

• 1st place: $500 Cash

• 2nd place: $200 Cash

• 3rd place: $100 Cash

180 3D, 360, refocusing, cinematic stabilization, tap direct…Take QooCam, discover what sights you think give a true flavor of the city and Show Us Your Love For Your City!

If you have questions and inquiries about contest rules, please email to


• Before applying please read carefully Terms and Conditions of My City My Life Contest 2018 attached below.

• Participation in My City My Life Contest 2018 implies total acceptance of the contest’s Terms and Conditions.


1. The contest is open to all QooCam users and there is no limit on the number of submissions you can make in the contest. Photos/video in any format will be accepted.

2. The My City My Life Contest 2018 shall begin on October 1st, 2018, and end on October 31st, 2018. All entries shall be uploaded to Facebook timeline with hashtags during this period, or it will not be included in the contest.

3. The winner of My City My Life Contest 2018 will be determined solely by the audience on Facebook. Participants can also share their post in groups to get more likes, and screenshot it to for calculation before 12.00 pm Pacific Time November 7th, or it won’t be counted. The likes received in the Facebook timeline and groups will determine the THREE winners.

4. The prizes for winners will be:

• 1st place: $500 cash

• 2nd place: $200 cash

• 3rd place: $100 cash

5. Kandao staff will contact you with more instructions once your work is selected as winner. Please note that all payments distributed by Kandao are exclusive of taxes, duties, levies, tariffs and other governmental charges.

6. All winner entries must be submitted to accompanied by the unstitched footage in full resolution as well as the authors credits.

7. Facebook will be the official social media platform for the contest.

8. All photos/videos submitted as part of the entry for My City My Life Contest 2018 may be reproduced, displayed, and exploited as Kandao sees fit, including but not limited to posting entries, in whole or in part, on the Kandao website and social media platforms with credit to corresponding creators. Kandao shall continue to enjoy the same rights as listed above when the contest ends except as otherwise authentically notified by the creator/creators of the corresponding material. All other intellectual property rights shall remain with the creators or owners of the photos/videos.

9. By entering My City My Life Contest 2018, the participants hereby offer a guarantee that:

• The photos/videos submitted are the original work of their authors and/or they are free to use all of the ideas, images or other elements therein and are the rightful owners of all rights of the entry submitted.

• Kandao shall not be liable for any damages, losses, costs, complaints and the like that the participants might incur or sustain as a result of submitting their proposals.

• The participants have the legal capacity and competence to take part in the present contest and that their participation does not violate any rights of third parties. Kandao shall not be liable for any content in the submitted footage.