SHENZHEN, Guangdong – October 17th, 2018 – Applying the 8K capturing and real-time stitching solution supplied by Kandao Technology, the European Tour and Tata Communications have completed the world’s first test of live 360° video in 8K Ultra High Definition – the highest resolution in digital television. The ground-breaking technology test at Sky Sports British Masters shows how the most immersive 360° video and virtual reality (VR) applications could enable fans at home and at the course to engage with the action in new ways.

A Revolutionary Proof of Concept in 360 8K Live by Tata Communication & Kandao

This world-first live 360° video feed in 8K was captured by Kandao Obsidian on the 18th hole of the Walton Heath Golf Club course, where fans were able to enjoy the action on a large screen, with VR headsets for a personalized immersive experience. The workflow was started from a Kandao Obsidian, the professional VR camera equipped with six 4K lenses to capture the course from every angle and produce the full-quality unstitched footages. The footages then real-time stitched and encoded in H.265 with Kandao Live software to produce the 8K 360-degree live RTMP stream.

Then the signal from Kandao Live was transcoded by Visbit’s View-Optimized Streaming (VVOS) technology, to saves up to 80% of bandwidth and enable the streaming of data-intensive UHD 8K video over a regular Internet connection. The 8K signal was delivered over Tata Communications’ ultra-low-latency Video Connect network and played on the Samsung Gear VR headsets with Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones.

8K live streaming is not only a theory anymore, there will be more expectations and demands from various industries. David Garland, Director of European Tour Operations thinks Live 360°video could support the evolution of refereeing in golf. “From a refereeing perspective, live 360°video in 8k could have potential in the future to allow European Tour referees to assess shots in specific locations, remotely and in real-time.”

“The adoption of the Video Assistant Referee at the recent FIFA World Cup is just one example of the transformational potential of digital technologies in global sports – which benefits the players, the fans and the entire sports ecosystem. In the same way, apps with live 360° video in 8K would redefine fan engagement in golf, and even have the potential to change how the sport is refereed.” said Mehul Kapadia, Global Head of Marketing, Tata Communications.

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