At this year’s NAB show, the leading VR camera manufacturer and software solution provider Kandao Technology, has revealed plans to introduce its latest VR/360° features including the ‘Kandao Live’, a comprehensive live streaming software that can handle up to 8K 360°/180° live production, and the revolutionary volumetric 6-Dof solution based on depth mapping generated by Kandao Obsidian 3D 360° cameras.

Kandao will showcase new features of live streaming and 6-Dof throughout the NAB Show from April 9-12, in booth N2509, Las Vegas Convention Center.

“Providing a good VR live streaming experience requires lots of efforts from the provider, that’s why we deliver a brand-new software ‘Kandao Live’,” said Dan Chen, Kandao Founder and CEO. “The updated software provides a robust workflow that is capable of 4K stereo live stitching and streaming on regular PC. We are also working with partners such as Visbit to provide customizable 8K live streaming and playback solution to suit high-end requirements.”

The Kandao Live is designed to work with Kandao Obsidian R/S 3D 360° cameras, oversampling the 6K/8K video sources to help clients to set up a fully integrated 4K stereoscopic VR live streaming workflow without complexity. Utilizing the advanced algorithm, Kandao Live supports real-time optical flow stitching to stream seamless experience. Professional exposure adjustments and color grading can be easily applied during preview and streaming.

Kandao Live Quick Guide Video Link

Offering H.264/ H.265 encoding and a wide range of output alternatives including SDI and RTMP, Kandao Live supports switching between multiple camera positions, in addition to streaming directly to YouTube, Facebook, etc. At NAB, Kandao is partnering with Voysys to integrate SDI outputs with Voysys VR Producer switchers, delivering 4K Stereo high quality multi-camera live VR production.

During live broadcasting, the 6 pre-processed video streams captured by Kandao Obsidian can be saved to SD cards in 4K resolution, with which users can save higher quality footage for post-production or future playback.

Hoping to bring VR experience to a new level, Kandao is building a complete solution for capturing and rendering volumetric 6-Dof experience, generated through the depth maps captured by multiple Obsidian VR cameras. It requires advanced software to reconstruct scenes and recreate the view from any point within the captured volume, the experience all can be viewed in 6-Dof tracking VR headsets with more freedom of movement.

According to Dan Chen, Kandao is developing this 6-Dof system into an end-to-end solution, making it available for industrial business clients to create an interactive real-scene VR experience by using Kandao Obsidian cameras.

Reconstruction and 6-Dof experience

For more information, please visit Kandao ( during NAB show in the booth N2509, North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center.