The Most Funded 360 Camera on Kickstarter
QooCam 360°/3D Travel Camera Now Shipping & Available on Amazon

After officially announcing on Kickstarter in March, Kandao is shipping its first interchangeable 360/3D camera QooCam to the early backers. For those who are looking for purchasing, Kandao released Qoocam on Amazon in U.S., Europe and Japan.

Kandao first won its name by its professional 8K 360 camera ‘Obsidian’ launched last year, featuring 8K stereoscopic 360 filming and depth-mapping/6Dof capability. It is the company’s first shot at consumer-level travel video/photography, featuring the 4K camera QooCam that not only shoot 360 video/photo but support VR180 mode with the unique rotatable design. After the launch, it reached the funding goal within 3 hours and became the most funded 360 camera in Kickstarter history.

QooCam is designed to be compact and versatile for travel, offering two shooting modes to adapt to different situations. It can capture 4K spherical images (Videos: 3840*1920@30fps/@60fps, 1920*960@120fps; Photos: 4320*2160) and support optical flow stitching on smartphone. The camera body can be easily switched to 180° “stereo” mode when you want to record the immersive experience in life.

Besides the 2-in-1 design, QooCam grabs people’s attention by its ultra-smooth stabilization and depth-based visual effect, such as refocusing. Based on 3D 180-degree view, QooCam generates the corresponding depth map of a picture, so users can tap on the subjects in different distance to create a bokeh effect, enhancing the subject in focus while giving the picture a fine background/foreground. The editor app also enables you to pan, crop and select the best angle from the 180-degree perspective, empowering you to shoot freely and later edit it into a wide-angle cinematic portrait.

How to shoot cinematic portrait ( Click the picture to watch the video)

One of the key features of QooCam, its ultra-smooth stabilization is available on the camera’s software QooCam Studio at launch, user will be able to stitch and stabilized the footage on desktop to dramatically reduce shake and rolling shutter effect caused by hand-held filming while walking, running and driving etc. This feature, along with the “Smart Track” and more editing tools will be added on iOS/ Android mobile app next month, enabling users to film and share on the go.

Click the picture to watch the video

Other features including time-lapse, 4K live streaming and up to 180 minutes video shooting ability make QooCam a powerful camera to produce a fabulous artwork, allowing anyone to have the capability to be a professional photographer. It is currently available on Kandao’s website, Amazon or from distributors in U.S., Japan, Europe and China soon, retail priced at $399.

For more information, please visit Kandao ( or go to YouTube for the introduction video: