When you receive QooCam for the first time, you may be confused how to use it. Here comes the tips and tricks for shooting awesome photo/video on QooCam.

(For advanced user, check it out here: QooCam’s killer features and how to use them)


1. Be Familiar with Your QooCam

(1) You can use QooCam independently

 For taking photo: Short press the shutter button for 2 seconds to start taking photos; Press the shutter button again to stop.

 For taking video: Long press the shutter button to start recording.

(2) You can connect it with the phone via WiFi or Bluetooth remote controller.


2. Greater Manual Control of Your Shooting

(1) Use App for preview and control

QooCam app offers real-time preview and control of the shooting.
Auto mode in the app is a great place to start, and when you get familiar with it, you can manually control shutter speed, EV, and ISO, giving you much more control over the look of your photos, especially in some tricky lighting situations.

You can also choose JPG+DNG photo format for more post-production freedom.

(2) Sports mode for indoor shooting
Sport mode allows faster shutter speed to reduce the motion blur problem when shooting indoor.

(3) Anti-flicker setting
There are two sets:
PAL (50Hz) for UK, Australia, most Europe and Asia, etc.

NTSC (60Hz) for North America, etc. to deal with the light flickering issues.


3. Shooting Tips for Your First Video on QooCam

Tip 1: Avoid the stitch line for better quality
Tip 2: Find the perfect distance for better 3D (2-3 feet from the subject)
Tip 3: Adjust ISO and shutter for better exposure
Tip 4: Use selfie stick for a better angle
Tip 5: Make your camera move instead of always standing still


Tip 6: Keep the camera in line with your selfie stick, so it is invisible in the footage.

Tip 7: Keep the lighting even on both lenses


4. BONUS TRICKS for Sharper 360 Photo/Video

Some platforms like Facebook have zoomed in your photo/video more than the alternate player you use, so for sharper photo/video, here are two tricks for you:

1. Export and upload 360 video in maximum quality:

(1) Choose “high video export bitrate” in the QooCam app setting
(2) Open Facebook app: Setting-settings & Privacy-Settings-Media and Contacts-Videos and Photos-Upload HD


2. Edit the photo/video and zoom out in Facebook