With a single click, you can easily take a 360 degree photos and videos of the scene with QooCam. However, if you want to shoot like a pro, a selfie stick is a must-have. It allows you to send camera to the place you cannot reach, helping create unbelievable high quality photo/video. If you can use the selfie stick in a proper way, then well begun is half done.

Below are our tips on how to make the best use of selfie stick with QooCam, and how to make 360 video creatively before sharing to social media like YouTube and Facebook.


Invisible Selfie Stick/Floating Camera Effect

Indeed, you can hand-hold QooCam and shoot, but the hand will seem bigger and take up much of the frame, while with a selfie stick, you can get a much wider field of view and hand looks more natural. More importantly, you can remove the selfie stick from your shots automatically and achieve invisible selfie stick effect.

Just to make sure that the camera is simply in line with your selfie stick. Remember not to tilt or angle the camera, as it may hinder your results.

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Get A Low-angle Shot

Low angle shots bring a boring everyday scene into new light when done right. As 360 video camera with 3-hour battery life, QooCam enables you to make interesting effects when it is positioned low without worrying the battery:

1. Ground/Wall with beautiful textures

Texture such as grass, bushes, or flowers make ideal locations to create the inverted tiny planet effect. Position QooCam close to them, preview in tiny planet mode, and then just walk slowly and shoot.

2. Animals

When you want to do a animal full shot, what will you do? You have to get low when shooting wildlife. Think about crouching, kneeling or, yes, lying on your stomach to achieve a new perspective.

Now, with QooCam on the selfie stick, you don’t have to. Just lower it at the animal’s eye level and you can easily get a decent view of an adorable dog face.

3. Kids

The same rule applies to the kid situation. Put your QooCam on a selfie stick and run following him.

4. Yourself

Position the camera anywhere below the eye line, and even be below the character’s feet.

Also, the key point feature in the mobile app QooCam lets you set points of interest in the video and the app will automatically and smoothly pan from one point of interest to the next.


Get A High-angle Shot

When you are in crowds, let’s extend the selfie stick vertically to get an aerial shot or bird’s eye view.

Another cool trick you can use is to mimic the drone effect by a changing view. Here are three examples:

1. A drone is taking off

The shooting is easy. Walk close to the grass and then slowly raise your selfie stick up to the sky.

2. Departing

Find a large object or person, place the camera at eye level, and then slowly step back and raise up the selfie stick. In app editing, you can use SmartTrack to select a subject and the app will track that subject through the scene.

3. Flying away

If your selfie stick’s arm can extend high like 3 meters, hold the bottom part of it, stand very close, and then slowly extend it over your head. Don’t forget to look up to the lens and wave your arms or say hi.


A Third-person View

Think of a one-man-show vlogger. In the past it is impossible for you to get shots in front of or behind you, unless there is a camera operator around. Now with QooCam on a selfie stick, you can easily achieve a third-person view in 4k videos!

Extend your selfie stick upwards/downwards and get a close-up shot. After shooting, remember to rotate and explore the scene, make edits, and add cinematic pans to your video in the app.


Don’t Forget The Tripod

1.Group photo

Using a tripod is the easiest way to avoid the distortion in group photo.

The selfie stick together with a mini tripod is a good hands-free setup for 360 or 180 shooting. Everyone can be captured well and no one have to hold the camera but just make pose and smile.

2. Tiny planet

As a 360-degree camera, QooCam not only can shoot 360 photo or 360 video, but also it offers you the easy-to-use editing software, QooCam app for mobile devices for camera captures and cool editing effects.

You can quickly turn your 360 videos into a Tiny Planet, which will work best where the image has symmetric design, e.g. the green grass. Try run in circle and make tiny plant effect in the app.

3. Other camera postions

As Yuqing Guo in his DNG8 interview argues, always remember you can use selfie stick vertically or horizontally or any other angle to capture cool perspectives.

Here are a couple examples of how selfie stick is used in various situations.


There are many other way to position the camera. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see the world from another point of view! Be creative and have fun with QooCam!

We hope you found this short tutorial helpful to shoot 360 like a pro. For regular updates and more tips, please register our newsletter here

(Note: Capture content in bright environments like well-lit daytime is recommended for the best possible image quality.)