If you want to shoot surprisingly stabilized video, what do you need? An expensive gimbal or spending thousands of dollars on a camera?

No, you don’t have to anymore.

With 3-axis built-in stabilization, the compact and intelligent QooCam has brought a cost-effective solution and help you create cinematic footage.

Capable of shooting impossibly smooth video, the next-level video stabilization technology of QooCam has successfully solved the camera shake and rolling shutter phenomenon.

Due to CMOS sensor‘s image capturing method, if either the camera or the filmed object is moving very fast, it is likely to notice the propellors break up or trees turn to jelly. Rolling shutter occurs. Now with IMU sensor, the algorithm will fusion gyroscope data to estimate the camera position in shooting, and then apply an opposite rotation that compensates for unwanted camera movement, thus stabilization works and helps achieving real time shake-free footage in any situation and high image quality.

Your audience will never feel dizzy or vomiting. When they watch your video, it’s like you having a professional gimbal when shooting while actually what you have is only a QooCam. Just hold the camera and walk around, and get super-smooth video in real time. Like a magic!

Now we all know that QooCam has incredible stabilization, but how good is it?

Here comes Stabilized VS Unstabilized comparison of QooCam. Running, cycling, hiking, riding, or aerial filming can all make for unique content.

We can also compare it with Gopro 7.

Without any assistance of a cameraman, and say goodbye to gimbal or any camera stabilizer. You can position the handheld QooCam in any angle and get super-smooth 4K 360 footage. As one QooCamer Mikhail Smolnikov says:

“I fell in love with QooCam stabilization. Amazing image quality of my vlog articles. QooCam is the best solution for my running and downhill skiing videos.”

Check out how smooth it is in skiing:

Another QooCamer Sascha also shares his opinions here:

“The videos are stabilized to the horizon in a way that I no longer need to carry a gimbal with me. It allows me to stay focused on my story on a location with the confidence that my footage will look good after leaving the scene.”

In addition to the incredible video stabilization, QooCam also has other killer features including Facebook-ready 3D photo, DNG8 & Raw+, Dolly zoom, Rotate scene, Smart track and more.

Easy and fun. Share your lovely moments anywhere, anytime with the stabilized camera QooCam!