Kandao QooCam, the world-first 360 & 3D 180 2-in-1 VR camera recently introduces a new feature on its editing app called SmartClip, which provides multiple pre-made templates to help you convert 360 footage into fixed frame short video clips automatically.

“To film a 360/VR video is easy, as all can be captured. But it might be complicated when post editing, especially for first-time learner.’ Said Dan, the CEO of Kandao, “thus we launch SmartClip to shorten the learning curve.”


QooCam’s app has already opened up rich 360 editing options, to allow users to “frame” the video after shot, such as Key Point, Smart Track, etc.. While, SmartClip is designed to simplify this video making process, offering a step-by-step recommendation of how to shoot and customized keyframe settings of certain effects.



For example, if users want a rotating shot, SmartClip offers a corresponding shooting instruction, as well as its editing pre-made template, to allow users get a 10-sencond final ‘Inception’ result instantly, without setting the keyframes one by one themselves.

Except for the templates of re-framing 360 videos, Kandao plans to add more SmartClip types to meet the needs of VR180 and 360 video making in the future updates, to benefit more users who want to create and share on the go.

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