Kandao today demonstrated a package of software upgrades at NAB for its industry-leading professional 3D 360°camera Kandao Obsidian.

Adding a significantly faster stitching, ultra-smooth stabilization, and a brand-new AI Slow Motion, the newly added features enhance Kandao Obsidian as a powerful go-to camera for professional VR filmmakers.

“To meet the efficiency demand of the VR content industry, we introduce the new Kandao Studio V3.0,” says Dan Chen, the CEO of Kandao. “The latest version software will provide a significantly faster, smarter post-production solution and a better user experience for Obsidian users.”

Following are more details on each of the upgrades in Kandao Studio V3.0.


Speed-up Depth Stitching

As one of the few VR camera that can generate a depth map, Kandao Obsidian features in its machine-learning based stitching to produce the best stereoscopic 360-degree outputs.

With the new upgrade, Kandao Studio V3.0 provides an optimized result on close-up shots stitching, offering a wider safety area for filmmakers without worrying too much about the stitch line artifacts.

Most importantly, thanks to the highly optimized algorithm, the new version enables a significantly faster than before stitching process by speeding-up rendering by up to ten times.


AI Super Slow Motion

Slow-motion offers possibilities to capture special moments in an epic way, but not all camera can do it. The high-fps camera like Kandao Obsidian S offers 120fps capturing, while the image resolution decrease to 4K at the same time, due to the high requirements of the image processor.

In order to let Obsidian create high-quality slow motion, Kandao introduced a new feature called ‘AI Slow-motion ’that can turn 30fps regular videos into max 300fps super slow motions, using the machine learning system.

Using the new feature, users can slow down the footage to up to 10x slow motion after taking them. For example, a 360-degree video originally captured at 8k 30fps can be transferred into a 240fps slow-motion in 8K.

The feature will be available for both Kandao Obsidian and Kandao Qoocam.

4k 1200fps 360° video created from an Obsidian’s 120fps footage


Ultra-Smooth Video Stabilization

The new Kandao Studio V3.0 brings the ultra-smooth stabilization tool that can quickly smooth the shaky video.

Without using a Gimbal or any third-party software, users can stabilize Obsidian 360 footage with one simple click. Kandao also promises a more advanced stabilization in the next version update, which makes use of the Obsidian’s built-in 6-axis gyroscope, to accurately calculate the camera movements to create silky smooth shots.

Convenient File Exporting

Previously, transferring files from Kandao Obsidian to computer needed extra Wi-Fi router.

Now, by simplifying the steps, users can directly connect the camera with the Kandao Studio V3.0 software via just an Ethernet cable. This update also triples the transferring speed to provide a faster and lighter workflow.

The Beta of Kandao Studio V3.0 will be available to download on 23rd April here: https://www.kandaovr.com/download/


Check out the latest update of Kandao.  Welcome to join us at NAB!

Date: April 8-11

Booth: C552

Address: Las Vegas Convention Center