Since “My City My Life” Contest has begun, we have received many great photos/videos all around the world and are amazed by your talent and passion for QooCam. Our planet is full of beauty. Thanks for bringing us to discover the sights that give a true flavor of the city. Through the lens of QooCam, we have seen the different colors and scenery of autumn in France, Ukraine, America and so on. We have taken the incredible balloon trip in Cappadocia, rode camel in the desert, enjoyed fire spin and light show. We drove, ran, traveled and showed the love for the city. After calculating all the likes received for each post, today, we are thrilled to announce the winners of the contest! Congratulations to Andrew Shramko, François Blg and Alexey Podolsky for winning the contest! Thanks all friends for sharing the great works and discovering all the possibilities with QooCam! We love them so much. Without you, none of this would be possible! Here is a highlight video featuring some great works. Let’s take a virtual tour to enjoy the amazing views of these beautiful cities with QooCam!