The term vlog comes from video blog and refers to a type of blog where the content is in video form. Thanks to the rise of the Internet, people have an opportunity to speak and to be heard much easier than before.

Many successful vloggers started vlogging for fun, which in time resulted in thousands of fans following their Youtube channels. Then they could earn money from their Youtube videos. In fact, as long as you have a Google account, it’s easy to start. Whether you want to make money or just look to be a part of an online community for fun, vlogging is one of the top ways to promote yourself.

Earlier it was difficult for ordinary people to start a vlogging channel because it was nearly impossible to find affordable vlog cameras and video editing software. However, over the last several years, vlogging equipment and software have evolved like crazy.

Now vloggers are finding a way to show their uniqueness and innovation. This is where 360° cameras shine. 360° camera for vlogging captures their full surroundings instead of a truncated portion of the scene. Those 360° videos uploaded on Youtube Channels or other social media proved themselves to be truly unique and interactive. Don’t forget the cover image and “channel art” on Youtube. Besides, when you convert them into regular standard videos, you will understand their creative possibilities.

The next question, then, is how to start a vlog. There is a bunch of articles about learning how to start a vlog online. This article, however, is not a step by step guide but some useful tips. We have compiled a list of 9 vlogging tips you need to know for making a quality video with 360 VR cameras.

Tip1: Have your equipment prepared: Vlog camera & Accessories

You don’t need a priced vlog camera and professional video editors at the beginning. Many vloggers use a mirrorless camera with white balance or a compact camera like Panasonic Lumix and Canon G7X Mark II But these expensive cameras are not perfect for beginners. Imagining how frustrating you are when you struggle with the technique of zoom lens or capturing the best angle.

Compared to these traditional cameras, 360° digital cameras are cheaper and easier to get grips with. Unlike traditional video cameras, which capture whatever is happening in front of them, 360 cameras capture everything happening in every direction.

Don’t worry about whether they are equipped with leading image processor or optical image stabilizer. High-quality 360° camera for vlogging like QooCam can achieve gimbal-level stabilization which is especially useful for recording action camera video footage. And 4K video recording is available for most of the 360° cameras which are important. Because audiences are most likely to engage with and enjoy high definition good videos.

How to produce a vlog? Accessories are also required in some cases. For example, for some cinematic effects, such as slow motion, Dolly Zoom or Drone Shot, selfie stick and mini tripod are indispensable. For time-lapse, we use a small tripod and selfie stick to prop it up.

That’s all the equipment you need. Some vloggers may tell you that gimbals are one of the best pieces of vlogging gear. But investing a gimbal for an advanced 360° video cameras is not a wise decision. As mentioned above, they have a strong stabilization enabling them to capture smooth footages even when the camera shakes violently.

Do not forget to check your camera’s status before you go out and shooting. It can be extremely annoying when getting an error on your camera in the middle of vlogging. So double check the battery life, the SD card space, the LED and the warning sounds.

Tip2: Establish a theme and find proper shooting scenes

You can really do whatever you wish, but keeping a theme in mind helps you to stay focus. Otherwise, you will be distracted by all the inessential details. A simple way to do this is to write down your good ideas and figure out if you can string them together for a complete story.

After having a theme, think about several shots that you want to capture and find places to capture them during the day. This will be the frame of your video content.

Remember to take the advantages of omnidirectional cameras into consideration. This is a critical step to show off how your VR vlog is unique from others. Show the viewer a subject that cannot be adequately captured with a normal camera.

For example, place the camera somewhere visually stimulating, with lots to look at in every direction, like in a refrigerator or flowers in full bloom. You could even wear them during some extreme sports, like a bungee jump. When the viewers watch your good videos, they will have the freedom to look at anything or anywhere they want! Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Of course, you can edit your videos and convert them to standard videos after shooting. That means you are able to choose the best angle after bungee jumping. This is what normal cameras cannot achieve because it is almost impossible to adjust the angle during extreme sports. With 360 cameras, however, things are different. Just wear the camera and jump boldly. The camera will bring back the story for you.

Tip3: Take advantage of the selfie stick

Expand the potential uses of the camera with the selfie stick. QooCam uses advanced algorithms to conceal the selfie stick in photos and videos automatically. Therefore, you can get many impossible angles when shooting videos.

For example, the invisible selfie stick can make the video footage look like your camera is floating in mid-air, well with the extended selfie stick you can capture those cool flying-camera shots without the need for a drone.

Good use of the selfie tick when recording your VR vlog can provide the viewers with a unique perspective such as a bird’s-eye or rabbit’s eye view of the world.

For more specific guides and tips about selfie stick, check the article of “Take Kandao QooCam As Example: How to Shoot Creative 360 Video in 5 Minutes with Selfie Stick

Tip 4: Tell your story with different pace – Use time lapse and hyper laps
You may spend a day lying on the beach but nothing interesting happens. The pace is extremely slow and you want to make it fascinating. A time lapse/hyper lapse will definitely enhance your vlog. It can turn a boring video into a short clip moving at a frenetic pace.

Many people argue that time-lapse or hyper lapse video is usually created by professionals with advanced equipment. However, recent image technology is making the sped-up effect much more accessible to people who aren’t pro photographers.

Use different speeds to make your video footages look more cinematic before uploading videos. For example, you have a long walk start with a time lapse, lead into a walking and talking piece, and then end with a sitting-down “conversation” with the camera. That will be much more impressive than walking and talking at the same speed for like 15 minutes.

Tip 5: Innovation is important – Post production

The fifth tip of how to produce a vlog is learning post production. Posting quality vlogs with new and innovative content is an effective way to attract viewers’ attention. For innovating, you can work on the topic/theme, or you can focus on post-production. Since we have already discussed the theme above, let’s see what are the possibilities for post-production.
360° video editing doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, but it does require a user-friendly IOS and Android editing software. The most convenient 360° vlog cameras provide simple vlog camera app without any laborious stitching or post-processing. These beginner-friendly tools can get users’ creative juices flowing. A little editing of the video from your phone will make your vlog shine and innovative. Here are some tips for you.
   a) In case you want to blast a short VR vlog out to your social networks instantly, you can use some off-the-shelf innovative templates, like Smart Clips on QooCam APP. These free version video editing apps will save you from complicated editing.

  •      b) Some people prefer manual editing for making a unique story. Most of the vlog camera apps have the editing tools like Speed, Key Point, Smart Track, Projection mode that enable you to edit your videos easily on IOS and Android. When you have time and want to edit on PC for a more professional video, use some advanced editing software like Premiere.
  •      c) People from vlogging channel will never forget background music. Watch your video and come up with proper music.
  •      d) You can either editing the footage to produce a traditional video or editing and uploading the 360° video to the social media which supports 360° content.

For 360° videos, the gap between beginners and pro filmmakers is not huge since 360° videos are new for most of the vloggers, so it is a good chance for you to catch viewers’ eyes.

Tip6: Be Yourself!

The quickest way to feel natural in front of the camera is by behaving like yourself. Finding a character is fine, but remember to keep the character consistent throughout your vlogs, otherwise, you may destroy trust with your subscribers.

When you vlog on Youtube, the best situation is that both you and your audience feel comfortable. Acting in front of the camera every day may reduce your enthusiasm and make it hard to stick with it.

If you feel uncomfortable to show your face on video for several minutes long, just change the angle. 360° cameras allow you to take videos where every angle of the scene is recorded at the same time, so it’s easy to change to another angle without your face showed on the video.

Tip 7: Keep an eye on your light levels

This is difficult to do if you’re intentionally shooting something like a sunset, but otherwise, consider the lighting environment. For the best image quality when shooting high definition video indoors, you need to supplement the light.

It would be perfect if there is enough light behind the camera at all times. Shooting on a sunny day makes the colors more vibrant and vivid. Believe me, vlogging on a sunny day will bring wonderful footages back to you.

Tip 8: Unpredictable moment makes your VR vlog more interesting and attractive

The best moments always happen by chance. A 360° camera is the ideal tool for capturing unpredictable action because it is omnidirectional.

Who knows when and where you are about to fall during snow skiing, or which direction will the pigeon fly over. With a 360° camera, you never miss any of those precious moments.

Tip 9: Just try!

I’d like to say, the last tip of how to make a vlog is just having a try! Stop asking yourself too many questions before starting. Where should I upload your vlog? How to make money on Youtube? How to write a video description? Should I start a blog post rather than a vlog? Why should I start vlogging on Youtube? These questions make no sense.

Just bring your 360 camera and record your day: having dinner with your family, walking down the street, playing with your kids, shopping with your friends, traveling alone, etc. Look back what is recorded in the camera, you will find much more fun than you thought! Let’s vlog, let’s enjoy life.