With benefits of higher user engagement and interactivity, VR live streaming has increasingly gained its popularity especially in the coming 5G era. Instead of investing heavily in the resources, tools, and technologies for a successful VR live streaming, Kandao and its partner Tiledmedia now offers another efficient way to allow the companies leverage the advantages of VR and immerse audience.

As of Friday August 9th, Kandao and Tiledmedia have successfully completed an 8K camera-to-headset testing in Netherlands and China, during which Kandao providing an 8K live source and real-time live VR stitching, Wangsu the distribution network and Tiledmedia ClearVR Live software for watching.

When producing a high-quality live streaming event, special attention should be paid on the live source and stitching. Thanks to its rock-solid 360 3D camera Obsidian, Kandao manages to capture 6 high-quality 8K video streams of the scene, and then the industry-leading live software Kandao Live finishes the real time Optical Flow stitching and H265 encoding, delivering the lowest latency broadcasting with the best up to 8K image quality.

Utilizing Wangsu’s distribution network, the immersive VR streaming is ready for the audience to enjoy, however, a flexible watching player is equally important to a successful VR live streaming. Powered by Intel’s SVT-HEVC running on Alibaba Cloud, ClearVR Live allows the viewers of different countries to watch the live streaming as if they’re actually there by its advanced dynamic streaming technology. In addition to VR headsets, ClearVR Cloud Live also runs glitch-free on multiple devices including phones, iPads or computers.

With its successful testing in China, Kandao and Tiledmedia shows their ability in flexible, low latency delivery of extremely high-resolution video content to consumer devices, enabling companies to connect to a larger audience in a cost-effective way.

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