SHENZHEN, CHINAKandao Technology, the company specializing in 360° imaging technology and camera hardware. Today, we officially launched an intelligent 8K 360° video conferencing camera, Kandao Meeting, which is designed to enhance the efficiency of remote collaboration.

“After releasing a series of award-winning 360 cameras, we’ve witnessed how 360°technology innovates different industries with a better solution. Its immersive experience so unique that can bring people closer, even though they’re far apart.” Said Chen Dan, the CEO and co-founder of Kandao. “That’s why we made a new attempt on conferencing cameras, as increasing companies need to remotely collaborate in a more engaging way, with the help of 360°and AI technology.”

Video: Introducing Kandao Meeting 360° All-in-one conference camera

According to Forbes, remote work has become the standard operating mode for at least 50% of the U.S. population. When the rise of remote working continues, companies face challenges like how to establish a cohesive team without making remote workers feel isolating. Kandao Meeting all-in-one 360°conferencing camera can help to solve those challenges by providing an intuitive and user-friendly video meeting experience.

Kandao Meeting combines two high-quality fisheye lenses, 8 mics array and speaker together. It can be put in the center of a meeting room to capture all the attendees at 8K resolution, while automatically focus on the people as they speak. The remote participants on the other end will get a 1080P HD stream with close-ups of the speakers view, making them feel like being in the same room.

Remote meeting with Kandao All-in-one Conferencing Camera

By using AI-enabled facial recognition and eight omnidirectional microphones to pick up the sound, Kandao Meeting can automatically locate the active speaker and highlight on his/her gesture and facial expression. In this way, everyone can feel they’re in the center of a conversation, without any remote control or awkwardly turning off the camera during the video meeting.

In order to further free people from the complex process, Kandao Meeting is made to be plug-and-play. It can directly connected to Skype, Zoom, WebEx and most video conferencing platforms with just a USB connection. The pop-up 8K 360 camera can be pressed down to turn off as a way to protect privacy, and no software is needed for installing and upgrading the camera.

As a smart conferencing camera, three different meeting scenarios are being considered in its design. When the team involves in a discussion, the camera will show a split view of who are speaking. If the meeting is about presenting a proposal, the camera switch mode to deliver an exclusive shot of the key speaker and turn to others when necessary. The third mode shows a global view of all the attendees without auto-focusing.

Kandao Meeting 360° all-in-one conferencing camera is now available for pre-order for $659 on Amazon US, with shipping starts in early September.