Nowadays, Google Street View is increasingly popular. Not just for the streets, but business can also shoot with a street view camera and showcase their interiors.

Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that QooCam, the 3D/360 camera is also Google Street View ready now!

With our latest upgrade to QooCam mobile app (ios and android), you can share 360 photos to Google Street View. In other words, Street View contributors have another option to create a street view in addition to street-view cars or 360 camera like Ricoh theta, Samsung gear 360 and insta360 pro.

Before you start, please update the camera firmware version via wifi to V.70 or above.

Here is the workflow:

1. Enabling GPS

Go to setting, enable the location service of the phone, and turn on “save location information” in QooCam app. Photos shot during this process will record GPS information.

2. Shoot & Preview

In handheld shooting, a slight movement easily generates photo blur. In this case, you can increase the shutter speed in manual mode for sharper photo.

A tripod will always be your best friend, especially for express DNG8 mode (an in-camera stacking and merging shooting mode in QooCam for higher photo quality)

3. Upload to Google Street View

Click “share” button, your photo will now export with the metadata required to publish to Street View. It may take a few minutes to upload depending on your internet connection and the photo size.

If you share for the first time to upload to Street View app, you will need to select a Google account, grant permission to share to Street View and accept the Google Maps Photo & Video Policy.

4. Check & Explore

You can check for your successful upload in the Street View app (AndroidiOS).

For more help with Street View, please check out the Google Maps Help Center here

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