Kandao Technology, a pioneer in 360° imaging technology, announced that its new product, Kandao Meeting, has been recognized as CES 2020 Innovation Award winner. This prestigious award honors outstanding design and engineering in cutting-edge technology. Kandao won awards from CES several times before, this is another milestone for Kandao.

“We are honored and humbled to once again win this award. It means this product impacts consumers’ lives and push the boundaries of where 360° technology can go,” said Dan Chen, CEO of Kandao Technology. “It highlights Kandao’s heritage of achievements in developing groundbreaking 360° technology-related innovations that propel the industry forward. Regarding of Kandao Meeting, we want to combine 360 technology and AI technology to help companies to enhance the efficiency of remote collaboration.”


All-in-one design makes Kandao Meeting stand out

As an innovative meeting conference device, Kandao Meeting combines two high-quality fisheye lenses, 8 omnidirectional microphones and full-duplex speakerphones all in one together. The two lenses can shoot 8K 360-degree footages that means all attendees will be captured. The omnidirectional microphones working with the AI-enabled facial recognition to pick up crystal-clear sound while automatically locating the active speakers. The speakers minimize the noise and echo to ensure that everyone can hear clearly.

Kandao Meeting Introduction Video


AI technology makes conference wiser

Powered by AI-enabled facial recognition and sound localization, Kandao Meeting achieves to auto-focus on speakers with highlighting on his/her gesture and facial expression, bringing about an immersive and inclusive meeting experience for all attendees. So that all participants always know who is speaking and what is happening as if they are in the same room.

Intelligent Tracking & Auto-focus

Free from complex setup, users only need to plug the Kandao Meeting into a computer via its plug-and-play USB connection to start a meeting. It can directly connected to Skype, Zoom, WebEx and most video conferencing platforms. The pop-up 8K 360° camera can be pressed down to turn off as a way to protect privacy, and no software is needed for installing and upgrading the camera.

Easy to use and pop-up design

For more about CES 2020 Innovation Awards and the description of Kandao Meeting, please visit CES.tech/Innovation.


About Kandao Technology

 Kandao Technology Co. Ltd focuses on virtual reality technology research and development, providing patented end-to-end solutions for virtual reality video capturing and live streaming. As the only Chinese company capable of live streaming 3D high resolution panoramic video, we provide a complete and competent suite of products to bring virtual reality experience to a wide range of users.