Kandao Obsidian R

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8K Professional 3D 360° VR Camera

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The Kandao Obsidian camera comes with an overall software solution with rich functionalities, ranging from post-processing, editing, stitching, and video encoding to live streaming*. The total solution supports the industry-standard format and can be easily connected to your existing workflow, leveling the learning curve for new 3D 360 video producers, liberating you from the tediousness of the post-production and letting you focus on creativity.

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Obsidian Cooling Fan (for R/S)

90 in stock

Obsidian WiFi Power Pack

88 in stock

Obsidian Accessories Kit (for R/S)

96 in stock

Obsidian Battery Cover (for R/S)

95 in stock

Hot/Cold-Shoe Mount (for R/S/Go)

93 in stock

88 in stock

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