Software Download

Software Download

QooCam App

QooCam’s unique three-lens and rotating shaft design enables it to shoot 360 panoramic views and play 3D.QooCam , Relive Your Journey.

v2.5.0(Only for Android)


1. Add a new shooting mode ‘Express DNG8’, quickly stacking and merging 8DNG images into a single JPG in the camera in which image noise is dramatically removed. (plz update firmware to v.65) 2. Add ‘Timer’ feature for DNG8 (DNG8 & Express DNG8). Perfect for gathering and drone shooting. 3. Add a new SmartClip ‘Surround me’, giving you a smooth drone-surrounding effect. 4. Add ‘Clip Merging’, you can quickly merge multiple non-360 clips together or choose ‘transitions’ between clips.

QooCam Studio

A material Production and Processing tool for QooCam. Support stabilization, refocus, depthmap output, 3D output, stitch, crop etc. Win


1. NEW FEATURE: Unstitched Pano (Achieve perfect tiny space shooting. Stitching line is DEAD!!!)  Learn how to use it:
2. Optimize hardware requirement to run AI Slow Motion: Nvidia GPU, at least 960M, GPU memory Size 2GB or above, CPU memmory 8GB or above
3. NOW FULLY support Facebook 3D photo interface (Output name is changed from “Depth_” to “ _depth”)
4. Support drag and drop jpeg, tif, tiff photo into QooCam Studio
5. “color_correction” is “on” by default
6. Add 3dh VR180 photo resolution option (4320*2160, 3840*1920 & custom)
7. Other bugs fixed