Are you adventure seekers, outdoor explorers, or photograph guru with a passion for 360? If yes, come and join our QooCam 8K Tour Program!

A chance to shoot with QooCam 8K for free in the whole week!

We are selecting those creative and talented photographers from USA, Europe, Japan and China, and sending them the QooCam 8K 360 pocket camera. The camera will be passed to the next one once the one-week-shooting ends.

Register, shoot and share your works by QooCam 8K to win our big prize!

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Click on the date below to check the corresponding works captured by our QooCam 8K Tour photographers around the world

(the route and date may change if necessary).

  • 1.24-2.9

    Route 1:

    Route 2:

    Route 3:

    Route 4:





  • 2.10-2.23





  • 2.24-3.8

    New York




  • 3.9-3.22





  • 3.23-4.5

    New York




  • 4.6-4.19





“Popularity Award” & “Master Ward” Benefits

FREE QooCam 8K 360 Pocket Camera ($589)

Online Exposure

Being featured in the online gallery exhibition and social media, giving exposure to thousands of industry professionals, press, and potential clients worldwide

Offline Workshop/Activities

Invited to join exhibitions, workshops or other marketing initiatives.

KanDao Certified Photographer

Awarded as KanDao Certified Photographer and invited to test and review future products/accessories.

Quick Start

  • Who will be Selected
  • What to do if Selected
  • Who will Win
  • Program Schedule
  • Note

1.Love shooting and have experience creating content (sports/vlog/travelling…).

2.Complete the application form completely and correctly, e.g. provide the links to your previous works, and tell us your shooting plan.

Once you are selected to be the lucky one, you will get an email notification. Make sure the email address submitted is valid.

1.Make posts with tag

When receiving the camera/shooting with the camera/sending the camera to the next one (tag him/her), make a post in social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) with #qoocam8ktour, and @KandaoVR.

2.Finished video

Within one week after the shooting, you are expected to produce and upload a finished video on YouTube (at least 3 minute long). The video should be mostly shot by QooCam 8K.

We will select two winners.

1.Master Award:

Based on the quality of the video by our expert panel

2.Popularity Award:

Based on the popularity of the video shared on YouTube. The one that collect the highest number of likes win.

1.Apply Period:Jan 20th - Mar 1st, 2020;

2.Effective Regions: United States, Europe and Japan

3.Kandao will announce the list of successful applications on Facebook @KandaoVR before the next tour, and chosen photographer needs to confirm in time;

4.If the chosen photographer gives up or does not confirm, Kandao will make up for other users and update the list;

5.The camera will be shipped within three working days after the list is confirmed;

6.The chosen photographer completes the participating tasks on schedule within the prescribed time, and sends it to the next photographer.

7.After the video is uploaded to YouTube, participants can share the link and invite likes for themselves.

8.In early March, the winners of “Popularity Award” and “Master Award” will be officially announced on Kandao Facebook.

1.Participants shall confirm within 24 hours, and any delay will result in disqualification;

2.Participants shall complete the video within the specified time, and those who fail to submit the video within the specified time shall be disqualified;

3.Kandao will pay to ship the product to you and pay for the shipping between photographers.

4.Before register, please refer to the Terms and Conditions and confirm that the information provided is accurate.

5.If you have questions and inquiries about contest rules, please email to

6.Kandao reserves the right of final decision for this program and its results.

Congratulations! The Photographers have been selected!