QooCam 8K App

Meet QooCam 8K, the smallest 8K 360 camera in the world that extends your creativity even further.


1. Panoramic photo are supported to share to 720yun.
2. Support connecting camera through scanning QR code.The entry of scanning is in the upper right corner of the App interface.
3. Fix bugs.


QooCam Studio 2.0

A material Production and Processing tool for QooCam and QooCam 8K. Faster rendering speed. Higher render quality. This version does not support QooCam's 3D material.

V2.1.0.13_Only Win


1. Improve the speed of batch importing files.
2. Support ".tif" format to import.
3. Can not supported to import missing-metadata files.
4. Fix the problem of freezing when CPU render 10bit mp4(H.265) video.
5. Fix the problem of occasional crash when render mp4(H.265) video.
6. Fix the green screen after importing files of NVIDIA GTX"900" series graphics.
7. Fix the problem of crashing when render 4K mp4(H.264) video.
8. Fix other bugs.

Thanks for your support! Please update to the latest version for a better experience.

QooCam Studio 1.0

A material Production and Processing tool for QooCam. Support stabilization, refocus, depthmap output, 3D output, stitch, crop etc. Win
Please send mail to service@kandaovr.com to get Mac’s download link


1. Support QooCam8K files.
2. Live feature will not be available in Qoocam studio any more.

Recommended configuration
CPU: i7 and above processors
System: win10
CPU memory: 8GB and above, you need to customize the allocation of 10 to 30GB of virtual memory.
Graphics card: NIVIDIA 1050Ti (4GB)
The graphics driver needs to be updated to the latest version.


Kandao Studio (For Obsidian camera)

Kandao Studio provides an easy solution for VR video/image stitching. With its powerful stitching algorithms and graphics processing technology, Kandao Studio can greatly improve the stitching quality and achieve seamless and high quality stereoscopic 360 videos/images, speeding up the post-production process with just one click. It also allows users to generate depth maps from 360° footage captured by Obsidian, to apply depth-based visual effects as well as to potentially create a new 6DoF virtual reality experience.


What’s New
1. Add 【AI Slow Motion】,by applying the neural network to predict the extra intermediate frames, create a smooth, cinematic high-fps slow motion from the existing 360/VR video while maintaining the best quality.
2.Add【Stabilization】,and there was no need to import the Tools’ Stabilization after rendering.
3.Add【IMU Calibration】,to solve the drift problem when the camera is still.
4.Add【Directly】in 【Down from camera】,Obsidian can directly connected to the computer through the network cable.
5.To slove the rolling shutter through IMU.
6. Add【Bulk Import】.
7. New interactive interface, no need to fine-tune parameters, stitching with one click
8. Increase the stitching speed,stitching 8K/2D a frame just need 0.815s.(Mean of test)
9. Dramatically reduce the configuration requirements for the computer.(Mean of test)
8K/3D:i7, GPU memory 6GB, RAM 23GB.
8K/2D:i7, GPU memory 5GB, RAM 16GB.
10. Optimize the stitching quality of dynamic scene.
11. Optimize the stitching quality of the Top.
12. Fix the accidental flashback problem of Color Correction.
13. Fix the rendering errors in empty frame video, and helps to improve the stitching performance in the scene with dramatic changes in light (such as concerts).
14. Fix other known bugs.
Note: The graphics driver needs to be updated to the latest version of NVIDIA.

IMU calibration instructions (upgrade to 207 firmware):
(An obsidian only needed to be calibrated once on the same computer.)
Step 1: Shoot a 10-second stationary video.
Step 2: Import Kandao Studio and select the video.
Step 3: Click the “IMU Calibration” in “Tools”.
After IMU calibration, you can stitch higher quality videos.

Obsidian Remote Controller

Obsidian Remote allows users to have remote control of Kandao Obsidian VR camera through mobile devices with conection of Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. It supports real-time preview and provides rich manual settings (ISO, shutter speed and white balance,ect.) to control every imaging module of the Obsidian camera.



-Fixed connection problems with routers that do not have full multicast support


Kandao Raw+

Kandao Raw+ uses computational photography techniques, similar to what we are seeing in many high-end smartphones, to create images with increased detail and dynamic range, as well as lower noise levels. To achieve that it combines a burst of Raw images into one single DNG file that can then be further edited with a Raw converter of your choice.


-Fix the crash when rendering QooCam8K files.



Kandao Live is a professional live streaming software that delivers live 360° 3D experiences to audience worldwide with the powerful Obsidian cameras. It provides a variety of advanced options in a powerful and easy-to-use package, including SDI/RTMP output, real-time stitching, color correction, recoding while live streaming, and H.264/ H.265 encoding.


1. Minimum Support GTX1060/GTX2060 6G GPU
2. Add Support FullScreen Preview Feature
3. Fix Multiple Camera Calibration Store Problem
4. Fix Longtime Auto Exposure Overload Issue

Kandao VR

KanDao VR is a 360-degree & 3D video/photo player application by which you can enjoy VR videos/photos.



1.Support mono/stereo footage playing
2.Support 360 Live


KanDao Meeting

Kandao 360° all-in-one conferencing camera gives you a true face-to-face meeting experience by delivering 1080P HD video with crystal clear audio.



-Optimize sound quality

Firmware update
1. Turn on the camera and get it connected with PC, long hold mode button for 3 seconds.
2. Camera would be restarted and enter USB mode.
3. Unzip the file and copy .wolf and .meeting files to KanDao Meeting
4. Restart the camera to enter system update, when the update is done,blue light would turn to steady blue.

Kandao Meeting App(For Huawei)

This app connects with our hardware product Kandao Meeting, and use the product for video conferencing.



-Connects to our hardware product Kandao Meeting and displays the video from the camera.