Kandao Meeting S

Meeting in Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way You Like

Ultra-Wide 180° Standalone Video Conference Camera

Integration of professional 180° video, full-duplex audio system with eight-microphone array and Hi-Fi speaker, and Kandao Meeting AI 3.0 algorithm, Kandao Meeting S provides an efficient and great experience in hybrid meeting.

Picture Perfect

180° Field of View 1080P HD Output

Sound Detection

Five-Meter Audio Pickup

Astounding Sound

Immersive Hybrid Meeting

Artificial Intelligence

Built-in Meeting AI 3.0

Elegant Appearance

Easy to Set Up

Standalone Mode-New Level of Hybrid Meeting

Video conferencing is more important than ever these days. It has become an indispensable way of efficient work and interpersonal communication. Kandao Meeting S has a standalone mode, allowing you to set up a meeting by one machine. No more external devices or complex setups, Kandao Meeting S leads a new era of video conferencing.

One-Step Screen Mirroring from Multi-Type Devices

Get rid of mussy wired setting with built-in screen mirroring. Supporting Airplay and Miracast protocol means users can mirror screen from iOS devices, MacOS devices, Android devices and Windows-system devices.

Focus on Things that Matter

With advanced Kandao Meeting AI 3.0 algorithm, Kandao Meeting S can intelligently detect and track the active speaker. Offer flexible discussion modes for different meeting scenarios.

Ultra Wide

Never left out any detail in the meeting room.

Single Person

Only highlight the speaking person during presentation.

Two Attendees

Display two attendees in two rectangles, while highlighting the active speaker.

Multi Attendees

Display five attendees, while the active speaker will be highlighted and displayed in the main rectangle.

Ultra Wide
Single Person
Two Attendees
Multi Attendees

View Lock and Zoom

Provides view-lock and zoom function for best collaboration.

180° Ultra-Wide View, Cover the Whole Room

Kandao Meeting S is equipped with a 195° ultra-wide camera, covering 180° view. Participants don’t need to squeeze together, no one will be left out. Just enjoy a more immersive and natural video conference. Light and Color Optimization shows the best of you in different meeting spaces.

Conventional cameras are difficult to capture every part of the room or frame all participants in real-time.

Kandao Meeting S

Conventional Camera

Full-Duplex Audio System
Output Clearer, Sound Better

Based on the full-duplex design, everyone can contribute to the conversation in real time. Eight professional-grade microphones and intelligent algorithms achieve accurate beamforming, noise reduction and echo cancellation.



Hi-Fi Speaker

Kandao Meeting S has an array of powerful Hi-Fi speakers to fill the meeting room with premium and clear sound.

Meeting in Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way You Like

Kandao Meeting S is stylish and portable. It’s easy to set up no matter at home, on a business trip or in the office.

Support Major Video Conferencing Platforms

USB connection is also available for external equipment.

Zoom, Tencent Meeting, GotoMeeting, Skype, Teams, BlueJeans, DingTalk, Slack, Polycom, StarLeaf, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, and more.

Elegant Simplicity, Pay Attention to Every Detail

Kandao Meeting S, the best choice for small meeting rooms.






1080P or 720P



Video Codec

64G ROM + 4G RAM

System Memory

Standard 1/4" Screw Hole

For Mounting Options

Support External Micro SD Card

For Recording Local Meeting

Guarantee Your Data Security

Kandao Meeting S does not store or transmit any user's private information or behavior data. The AI algorithm is entirely local and offline, with no online settings.


Address Security

Do not store IP address and location.


Leave No Trace

Support one-step log out.


Prevent Information Leakage

Do not provide an open API.


Bluetooth Toggle

Bluetooth is available to be turned off.

Our Partner

Kandao Meeting Products and Barco Clickshare are partnering to provide flexible options to create immersive hybrid conference meetings and ensure everyone is seen and heard clearly, and can easily share content wirelessly in physical meeting settings. This partnership merges the best technologies for both virtual and in-person interactions, delivering comprehensive collaboration solutions to modern workplaces that demand efficient communication and collaboration tools.

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