Kandao Meeting Pro
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Provide panoramic view when used in multi-conference device solution (Meeting Omni)

Meeting perfection

Push Past the Limitation with Four-in-One Design

Kandao Meeting Pro is an AI-based 360° video conferencing device, which equipped with 360-degree lens, Omni-directional audio system, Hi-Fi Speaker, and built-in android system. Kandao Meeting Pro is designed to be four-in-one for being the most powerful one.

360˚ Camera

Omni-Directional Mics

Hi-Fi Speaker

Intelligent AI Algorithm

No Need for External Operation System

Kandao Meeting Pro can be used as an independent video conferencing terminal. External computer is no longer needed, conference can be easily started by connecting to a screen through HDMI.

One-Step Screen Mirroring from Multi-Type Devices

Get rid of mussy wired setting with built-in screen mirroring. Supporting Airplay and Miracast protocol means users can mirror screen from iOS devices, MacOS devices, Android devices and Windows-system devices.

Powerful as System, Convenient when Update

Having built-in android system with perfect user interface, the video conferencing software can be installed and updated directly on Kandao Meeting Pro.

Easily Plug and Use with Different Modes

Pro Mode

Pro mode is for getting rid of the computer. Just need to connect Kandao Meeting Pro to a HDMI displayer and a power supply.

USB Mode

Traditional mode is also supported. Kandao Meeting Pro can be connected to computer through USB.

360 ° Meeting without Blind Spot

Detailed image processing with 360 ° image capture, seamless optical flow stitching, noise reduction, wide dynamic range, exposure compensation, and automatic white balance.

Upgraded Omni-directional Audio System

8 microphones are improved to achieve finest audio quality, which can cover range to 5.5 meters radius. Collect sound with beamforming, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and howling suppression.

5.5 M

radius audio pickup



Unique Hi-Fi Speaker

Output louder, sound clearer, more focus, so that communicate better

Two-time-larger Coverage Area

Kandao Meeting

Kandao Meeting Pro

Meeting AI Intelligent Recognition 2.0

Apply sophisticated algorithm to achieve efficient and accurate localization and tracking. Optimize localization algorithm with 15-degree ultimate recognition for precisely focus, and smart tracking.

Speaker can always be in Center

Support both 1080P and 720P output, while provide MJPEG as encoding formats. Users can switch flexibly when use different video conferencing platform.

Discussion Mode

The upper space is the panorama with all of the participants, while the below space is for highlighting the speaking person and showing most of the participants in a clearer way.

Global Mode

Show all of the participants in a 360˚ picture.

Presentation Mode

Only shows the speaking person,so that the meeting can be well-organized.

Patrol Mode

The speaking person is showed on the left, while the right picture rotate to show all of the participants.

Custom Mode

Users can choose the perspective and lock the screen to ensure the focus of the meeting can always be paid attention to.

Discussion Mode
Global Mode
Presentation Mode
Patrol Mode
Custom Mode

View-Locking and Zoom in/out

View-locking and Zoom in/out are available to be achieved with the controller or button,except global mode, Zoom in to highlight the speaking person or something mentioned and lock the view for always staying focus

Stronger Compatibility for More Possibilities

Support both 1080P and 720P output, while provide MJPEG as encoding formats. Users can switch flexibly when use different video conferencing platform.

1080P / 720P



encoding formats

Simple Upgrading Process

Get update notification on Kandao Meeting Pro, and directly download and install on it.

Bluetooth Remote Control

With remote control, can easily turn off, switch software, switch mode, mute, adjust volume, and start video recording.

Lens Cover
Protect both your lens
and your private

Standard 1/4 Screw Hole
For settling on desk or holder

Support External SD Card

Excellent connectivity and Interaction

Equipped with Wi-Fi, Ethernet LAN Port, USB, and HDMI, Kandao Meeting Pro is flexible enough to connect with a large variety of conferencing equipment.

Supply Power for the Laptops to Ensure A Long-lasting Meeting

Kandao Meeting Pro has a built-in intelligent power adaptation system to supply power directly for laptops, enabling the longer lasting of various laptops without interrupting the meetings by connecting laptops to Kandao Meeting Pro via USB-C to USB-C cables.

USB A for Connecting with External Equipment

Convenient to Carry for Business Trip

Elegant and Compact Appearance

No more bulky hardware, Kandao Meeting Pro is designed to be portable, so that everyone can set it up to run meeting anywhere. The built-in Android system allows users to get rid of computer and directly connect to the display screen, which greatly improve the efficiency.

Support Major Video Conferencing Systems

Most of the common conferencing software are supported, and can be installed and switched easily. Strong compatibility for flexible operation.

Zoom, Tencent Meeting, GotoMeeting, Skype, Teams, BlueJeans, DingTalk, Slack, Polycom, StarLeaf, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, and more.

Guarantee Your Data Security

Kandao Meeting Pro does not store or transmit any user's private information or behavior data. The AI algorithm is entirely local and offline, with no online settings.


Address Security

Do not store IP address and location.


Leave No Trace

Support one-step log out.


Prevent Information Leakage

Do not provide an open API.


Bluetooth Toggle

Bluetooth is available to be turned off.


Our Partner

Kandao Meeting Products and Barco Clickshare are partnering to provide flexible options to create immersive hybrid conference meetings and ensure everyone is seen and heard clearly, and can easily share content wirelessly in physical meeting settings. This partnership merges the best technologies for both virtual and in-person interactions, delivering comprehensive collaboration solutions to modern workplaces that demand efficient communication and collaboration tools.

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