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Solution of Multi-system Collaboration

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Wider Range of Image and Audio Capture

Kandao Meeting Omni integrates up to four video conferencing cameras of Kandao, enabling a wider range of image and audio capture and AI processing. It also provides more intelligent image rendering output and audio recording and playback capabilities, to ensure the best remote video conferencing effect and meet the needs of various conference meeting sizes and set ups. It is the preferred solution for intelligent conference rooms and digital spaces.

Intelligent Portrait Selection

Four Groups of Eight-Microphone Array

AI Face Tracking & Detection

Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation

AI Face Deduplication

Multi-Channel AV Sync

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Wide-Range Face Detection

Featuring with Meeting AI 4.0 algorithm, Kandao Meeting Omni achieves quick and accurate face recognition even in a wide range, without missing any attendee.

Smart Active-Speaker Tracking

It precisely tracks the active speaker in low latency according to voice tracking and face recognition. Always staying focused on the speaker is for seamless face-to-face remote communication.

Intelligent Portrait Selection

Based on the Meeting AI 4.0 algorithm, front-face and close-face priority and human-face deduplication are built-in for portrait selection to ensure attendees are well-shown.

Optional Panorama on Top

One-click to open the panoramic view, instantly grasp the status of all participants in the meeting room – all information at your fingertips, nothing escapes your view!

Hear Better

Four groups of Hi-Fi speakers play synchronously so that voice from the remote is still clear for an immersive remote collaboration experience.

Synchronous Multi-Device Audio | AV Synchronization

Speak Better

Kandao Meeting Omni supports up to four eight-microphone arrays ensuring a wide-range premium voice pickup. Your idea is always well-conveyed with beamforming, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and howling suppression.

AI Audio Pickup

After mixing multiple audio sources, Kandao Meeting Omni picks out and emphasizes the main speaker's audio while not omitting voices from other attendees. Getting rid of omissions is for better communication.

Plan Your Meeting Room Layouts Freely

Easy deployment and cost-saving make it the top choice for a large conference room upgrade.


With Kandao Meeting Omni, multi-devices can be connected together.

Multiple Conference Modes can be Switched Freely to Get the Best View of the Conference

Kandao Meeting Omni provides "Speaker View" and "Gallery View“. Different modes available to meet different needs of conferences.

Speaker view

Active speaker will be highlighted in a larger frame, allowing attendees to engage with the speaker in depth.

Speaker view
Gallery View

View Lock and Zoom Functions

Through the Meeting Omni software, you can manually adjust, zoom and lock the target frame to highlight the active speakers.

HDMI-IN Screen Sharing

Easily share the computer screen through the HDMI IN video input method. [1]

[1] Screen sharing is only available on computers equipped with an HDMI-IN port.

Local Recording

Record local conferences and store offline conferences digitally.

Multi-screen Output

The output video can be displayed on multiple screens, and each screen can be operated independently without interfering with each other. [2]

[2] The multi-screen output function is only available on computers equipped with multiple HDMI-OUT ports.

Meet Requirements for Various Large Video Conferences

Support Mainstream Video Conferencing Software

Kandao Meeting Omni adapts to the Windows system and comes with a complete user interface. Users can easily start a meeting by opening any video conferencing software on their computers.

Compatible with Google Meet/Microsoft Teams/Cisco Webex/BlueJeans/GoTo Meeting, etc.

Process Information Locally to Protect Data and Privacy for a More Secure Experience

Kandao Meeting Omni does not store or transmit any user's private information or behavior data. The AI algorithm is entirely local and offline, with no online settings.

Address Security

Do not store IP address and location.

One-click Device Hidden

Hide devices to prevent malicious connections.

Device Binding

Bonded to the host to ensure secure device access.

Bluetooth Toggle

Bluetooth is available to be turned off.

Solution Description

Conference Device

Kandao Meeting S

180° Standalone Video Conference Camera

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Kandao Meeting Pro

360° All-in-One Video Conference Camera

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Kandao Meeting Omni

Solutions to Multi-System Collaboration for Large Meeting Rooms

Kandao Meeting Omni Operating Environment

Operating SystemWindows 10 64-bit、Windows 11 64-bit
ProcessorIntel i5 11th Gen or higher-specification processor
Memory8GB of RAM or more
GPUIntel® UHD Graphics 750 or higher-specification graphics card
Storage128G or more

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