We have got extensive attention from people all over the world since the launch of "Kandao Meeting Global Product Trial Ambassador Recruitment”.
Users from more than 40 countries and regions on 5 continents have joined the contest. Now this round Vlog camera lucky draw is ended,
and we have sent the result to your email, so everyone please remember to check it and confirm in time.
The trial ambassador event is still running. Do not hesitate to sign up now!
Enter to win a panoramic camera and become Global Kandao Meeting Product Trial Ambassador!
No entry fee & welcome everyone – no matter a green hand or a big shot!
Sign up and fill in the relevant information to win the opportunity:
1. Register and get a $50 online voucher for Kandao Meeting products. (Number is limited, first-comers first get till all gives out!)
2. Chance to win a panoramic vlog camera QooCam FUN worth $169. (10 lucky people will be chosen each month during the activity).
3. Win the chance to become [Global Kandao Meeting Product Trial Ambassador], get the official certificate, be the first one to try new products for free, tell us your valuable feedback and get your problem sorted.
Looking forward to your registration and participation!
$50 Kandao online store coupon
$50 online store coupon for Kandao Meeting products
QooCam FUN
Win a panoramic vlog camera QooCam FUN worth $169
Official certificated [Global Kandao Meeting Product Trial Ambassador]
Become our official certificated Product Trial Ambassador,get the official certification and enjoy the privilege to try our new products for free.
Stay tuned for more benefits
Stay tuned, more benefits waiting for you
Directions and process
  • Process
  • Rules for Selecting Product Trial Ambassador
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1.Application open time: 2021-11-23 00:00 to 2022-01-23 23:59
2. The winner of Global Kandao Meeting Product Trial Ambassador will be notified by email, so please remember to check your email (including junk folder) and confirm in time (the deadline of confirmation is subject to the official message).
3. If the winner gives up or fails to confirm, the official team will replace with another user.

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