QooCam 8K

QooCam 8K

Meet QooCam 8K, the smallest 8K 360 camera in the world that extends your creativity even further. Able to capture stunning 8K 30FPS, 5.7K 60FPS and 4K 120FPS footage thanks to a 1/1.7”sensor, QooCam 8K is the world’s first consumer 360° camera that achieves the APS-C level image quality. With 2.4” touchscreen, QooCam 8K is small enough to fit in your pocket, and also powerful enough to live s share your best moments anywhere anytime.

8K 30FPS

5.7K 60FPS

4K 120FPS


Invisible Selfie Stick

1/1.7”20MP Sensor



8K Express Edit

4K 360 Live

8K - Beyond the Maximum Resolution Video in Consumer VR Camera

7680*3840@30FPS ∣ 10-bit ∣ H.265 200Mbps (max) Resolution: 4 times higher than 4K video;
2 times higher than 5.6K video.

@Siyang Qi

1/1.7” 20MP Sensor, Professional Grade Footage

QooCam 8K’s effective sensor area is 246% of the first generation of QooCam, and 20MP photo for each lens. Better photosensitivity, higher signal-to-noise ratio & higher resolution.

4K 120FPS, Beyond the Maximum Framerate

3840*1920@120FPS, creating the best cinematic 360 slow motion. Skateboard, paragliding, motobike, climbing, cycling, skiing, surfing…capture life’s moment smoothly, and turn it into an epic slow motion.

SuperSteady - Smoother & Superior Stability for Every Moment

Thanks to 6-axis gyro, IMU sensor and advanced stabilization technology, the patented SuperSteady of QooCam 8K helps you capture smooth, stable footage in any situation.From the everyday to the extreme, say goodbye to the gimbal and take QooCam 8K for the adventure.

Your Personal Cameraman

QooCam 8K is compact, easy to use, and ready whenever you are. With the invisible selfie stick, make it be your own cameraman and capture adventures, or shoot drone-like video even if you don’t have a drone.

APS-C Image Quality is a Reality with Raw+

In Raw+ mode, the camera captures a rapid burst of DNG photos, aligns and blends them algorithmically to get one 16bit DNG and JPG, resulting in less noise, higher dynamic range and no ghosts photo. Using computational photography, Raw+ photo is brighter, cleaner, sharper and see more details in low light with 3 times higher image quality.

Drag to view 360 ° photos

10-bit Video Recording

QooCam 8K gives you this previously cinema-only specs for professional use. Recover detail in the shadows or bring back a highlight or even manipulate the colors and get smoother transitions, 10-bit video gives you more choices than before.Can output Apple ProRes format, and smooth post-editing for PC.



Enjoy super-slow-mo with Kandao AI Slow motion

Capture slow motion in 4K 360 at 120FPS, and never missing any of the action taking place in front of you and any details around you. It can even go to 1200FPS 4K from the original 120FPS 4K with Kandao AI Slow Motion.

30MP Panorama Photo, 12-bit RAW

@Siyang Qi

8K Express Edit for
Mobile Faster Editing

With 8K Express Edit, you can handle 8K footage on the phone by using 4K proxy files, and finally export a super high-quality video to share. Faster playback, and a much smoother editing experience.

SmartClip, Master 360/VR in Seconds

SmartClip adds movie magic to your clips with a variety of templates to choose from, enabling beginners to edit 360 videos like a pro and create cool clips.

Hyperlapse, Make a Difference to Your Travelling

Control speed and make the long traveling more interesting with hyperlapse. When you choose 16x or 32x, you can also add “motion blur” to it and have smoother movements

VlogLive, a New Way to Go Live

Wha you see is what you get. By move your phone or drag across the screen, you can pick up the favourite part from 360 video and start a fixed-framed live streaming now.

Google Streetview Ready

Connect with your phone and easily upload high quality 360 photos into Google Streetview or Google Map.

2.4”Touchscreen – to See, Control & Free your Phone

It is easier than ever to shoot. Leave the phone alone and shoot as you like. With the touchscreen, you can preview, playback, frame, and adjust parameters in real time.

Customize Shooting Presets & Switch with Q Button

Tap Q button for the shooting mode you customize for different activities, and easily switch between them on the camera, never missing any exciting moment.

QooCam Studio for Professional and Batch Editing

Want professional editing? Go to QooCam Studio for the full- featured editing tools. Offering Windows/Mac version, QooCam Studio allows you to quickly batch edit the footage or run AI Slow Motion for cool effect.

QooCam App, the Most Powerful 360 Editing Tool

In addition to the touch screen, you can also use QooCam app to remote control and quick edit the footage on the go. Besides 360 video exporting, You can easily trim, re-frame, apply filters, adjust playback speed, and even add music.

Instant 4K 360 Live Streaming From the Phone

QooCam 8K makes 360-degree live streaming more affordable and accessible, supporting streaming to various platforms like YouTube or Facebook. You can easily set up and live whatever’s happening around you in 4K 360 and share with others.

Say Hi to Great Audio

3.5mm Mic Port for external professional Mic

Build-in 64G Highspeed Storage & Shoot Once you Get it

Support external SD card up to 256G

Ultra Big Battery, Support Charging while Shooting

Built-in 3000mAh big battery USB-PD 2.0 Fast Charge

Take it Anywhere Anytime

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A Full Suite of Accessories for a More Professional Setup

Selfie stick, protective case, Type C to lightning cable, 2-in-1 USB with dual Type C ports, dive case…

Selfie Stick with cellphone holder

Dive Case

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Dive Case

QooCam 8K Award Winning

This recognition of QooCam 8K for product design in the following international awards, is a testament to the hard work and expertise of the Kandao Team.

Based on the needs of customers or projects, we can also provide customized software services and provide personalized configuration. For more details, please contact sales@kandaovr.com