Obsidian FAQ

1. What is the audio recording system format of Obsidian?
2. What’s the size of Obsidian tripod hole?
1/4 inch
3. Is Obsidian lens with rolling shutter or global shutter?
Rolling Shutter
4. What is the time intervals of timelapse mode? What is the format of timelapse photos?
The default time interval is 10 seconds. Time interval is customizable: {4s|5s|6s|7s|8s|9s|10s|20s|30s|60s}.
Photo format: jpg(By default) and DNG.
5. What’s the operating temperature range of Obsidian?
0℃ ~ 30℃
6. Is external sync recording audio equipment supported?
R/S supports external sync recording audio equipment.
H2n Zoom is supported, F8 Zoom is not supported.
7. What’s the safe distance range of Obsidian cameras?
Go:2D&3D 1m.
S/R:2D, 1m; 3D, 1.5m.
8. What's the requirements for external routers connected with Obsidian?
Internal batteries;
Can be connected to external WiFi;
With LAN Port.
Recommended WIFI router:
Huawei Honor WS831 2.4G / 5G Dual Band Mini Wireless Router
TP-Link WR902AC
9. How can I power supply Obsidian?
Two batteries(Recommended battery: Canon LP-E6);
48V POE;
12V power.
10. How does Obsidian save files?
Each camera will save its file to its own SD card.
11. Can I adjust settings such as exposure, shutter angle, IOS, etc?
You can adjust settings in Obsidian APP.
12. Is there bracket exposure feature?
13. Would camera stop recording when SD cards is full?
1)Main camera card is full:all cameras stop recording.
2)Subordinate camera card is full:subordinate camera with a full card stops recording, other cameras keeps recording.
14. How long will two batteries support Obsidian R/S?
R/S:40m, GO:2 hours with two Canon LP-E6.
15. What's the warranty policy of Obsidian R/S and Obsidian Go?

Please see warranty details in: https://www.kandaovr.com/after-service/

16. Where can I see the price list of material?
17. What can I do If the files are imported distorted in Kandao Studio?
Click Calibration for better effect;
Check if the name the files are correct.
18. What's the proper preferred distance in Kandao Studio V2.0’s fast mode stitching panel?
Car interior scenario: select less than 1m preferred distance
Indoor scenario:3m-5m
Outdoor scenario: 15m
Scenery: 50-100
19. Why it takes way much time to have a video stitched in Kandao Studio high quality mode than that of other softwares?
Optical flow algorithm is applied in high quality mode for better depth.
20. Can I stitch DNG in Kandao Studio?
DNG stitching is not supported in V2 Kandao Studio. Please process DNG firstly in Adobe Camera Raw.
21. What’s Kandao Studio V2.0 GPU Memory/ Memory specification requirement?

Fast Mode:
2K – 2G GPU Memory+8G Memory
3K – 4G GPU Memory+16GB Memory
4K – 4G GPU Memory+16GB Memory
6K – 4G GPU Memory+16GB Memory
8K – 6G GPU Memory+24GB Memory
High Quality Mode:
2K – 6G GPU Memory+16G Memory
3K – 6G GPU Memory+16GB Memory
4K – 6G GPU Memory+16GB Memory
6K – 8G GPU Memory+16GB Memory
8K – 8G GPU Memory+24GB Memory
Depth Mode:
2K – 6G GPU Memory+16G Memory
3K – 6G GPU Memory+16GB Memory
4K – 6G GPU Memory+16GB Memory
6K – 8G GPU Memory+16GB Memory
8K – 8G GPU Memory+24GB Memory

22. Can I run Kandao Studio in Mac equipped with Windows OS?
23. What's the specification requirement for running V2 Kandao Studio?
CPU:Intel Core i7 or above
GPU:NVIDIA GTX1080 or above
Memory:16GB or above
Ram:5G or above
OS:win 10
For GUP driverupdate: http://www.geforce.cn/drivers
24. Why is High quality mode not available in Kandao Studio?
Kandao Studio would automatically detect GPU Memory and Memory, high quality selection will not appear when your PC is not qualified.