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8K camera for live, Real Time “Immersive”

Kandao Live 8K is a high-end VR live streaming service and solution, which implemented a highly efficient live 360 video processing technology. It enables the Obsidian live 360 camera to broadcast full HD 8K live stream VR experience to the people worldwide at scale and at ease.
To deliver high quality augmented reality experiences, the 360 live video content should be at least 8K, as it offers crisp details to enhance immersive experiences. The higher quality 8K quadruples the 4K resolution and you’ll tell the pixel difference at first glance in VR headsets, such as Facebook oculus. It also brings technical challenges to processing due to the huge amounts of data, while Kandao Obsidian VR Live Stream Camera and Kandao Live 8K make it happened.

Optimized real-time encoding process

The Kandao Live 8K uses optimized RTMP which is able to upload H.265/HEVC content. So that it can achieve real-time RTMP with a high compression ratio by HEVC/H.265, which results in less storage space, less network bandwidth consumption in transmission and higher live VR streaming speed. One of the features of it includes that 8K 360 Video bitrates can reach 150Mbps.


Max video bit rates


Supporting HEVC in RTMP

Low live streaming latency

The 8K Live system delivers your streams as best and fast as possible. The delay between the 360-degree cameras capturing and live video streams stitching is less than 1 second which can make people experience live VR in sports, concerts or other live events in near real time. As introduced by other 360 camera review, Kandao Obsidian live stream camera devices adopt a powerful optical flow algorithm, they enable instant 360 video stitching to produce 8K high quality live video.

Recording while 360 live streaming

During 8K 360 live streaming, the 6 pre-processed live video streams captured by Kandao Obsidian streaming device can be saved to 6 SD cards in 4K resolution. They can be stitched in our advanced offline photos and videos processing software, Kandao Studio. Download and use it, they will be saved as high quality 360 degree photos and videos for more post-production. You can even playback live video content with Kandao VR APP player, VR headsets or Google cardboard in the future. Also, you can watch and share these HD videos via different platforms on the Web after the event.

Real-time Recording

8K High Quality Video Files

Completely control of Details

With the settings of 8K Kandao Live of Obsidian 360 cameras, every detail is under your control. Considering different needs and demands from various platforms, 8K Kandao Live supports HLS, RTMP and even SDI for streaming to the TV broadcasting system. Besides, you can preview the VR video content captured by the Obsidian 8K 360 live streaming camera in real time and use the histogram to check the exposure of the stitched 8K 30 fps 360 live videos or adjust the settings manually like color correction, real-time denoise, etc.

Supporting RTMP and SDI

Real-time preview

Professional parameters adjustment, color correction, denoise, etc

Live Deployment

The arrival of the 5G era will unlock the full potential of 8K virtual reality technology with its massive increase in network speed. Kandao Obsidian 8K 360 video camera and Kandao Live 8K system have already been adopted in several 5G network-based projects and events including famous concerts, international sports competitions. And these events are global summit by the leading companies in the communications industry like Tata Communications, China Mobile and China Telecom.

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