Kandao VR Cam

Kandao VR Cam delivers real-time 8K 3D images, enabling high-quality 180 3D live-streaming. With a single click, VR180 3D live content can be streamed effortlessly. It seamlessly integrates with live-streaming software, and Kandao Stream for stable, smooth, and immersive ultra-high-definition live broadcasting, simplifying the process and enabling easy initiation of VR live streaming.

Real 8K 3D Live-streaming

8K Ultra Clarity with Visual Impact

The Kandao VR Cam enables true 8K 3D live broadcasting with its dual 4K resolution. Equipped with a 4/3 sensor, it offers improved resolution, dynamic range, and detail retention in various lighting conditions. It effectively suppresses noise in low-light scenarios, providing an unparalleled immersive experience in realistic 8K 3D visuals that captivate the audience.

Two models

Brilliance in Horizontal and Vertical

Choose between two models that let you snap in either landscape or portrait mode. Whether crafting horizontal or vertical 3D content, it's all in your control.

landscape 8192 x 2880px
portrait 5760 x 5120px

True-to-Life Color Representation

Precise Color Reproduction

Drawing inspiration from the Obsidian series' color toning style, this enhancement ensures accurate color representation and optimized skin tone processing, resulting in clear, realistic live broadcasts. Users are always shown at their best.

Professional Imaging

Kandao's Pioneering
VR Technology

A pioneer in 3D 360 VR imaging, Kandao Technology is renowned for world-leading technology and professional VR products that set industry benchmarks. Leveraging self-developed algorithms, we are committed to delivering a master-level imaging experience to consumers. We strive to restore image details, endowing each product with extraordinary imaging capabilities.

Lens Selection

Carefully Selected Lenses for Superior Image Quality

We carefully selectd and strictly evaluated lenses that meet specifications to ensure extraordinary image quality, offering you the best matching options.

Algorithm Optimization

Advanced Algorithm for Your Ultimate Image Perfection

Optimized computer vision algorithm is utilized to enhance image quality by minimizing the undesirable purple fringing effect resulting from inherent flaws in lens design.

Enjoy the high-quality image quality brought by the M43 sensor

Professional Live-streaming Software Kandao Stream

Easy to Operate

Powerful and Easy-to-use

Kandao Stream is a professional desktop live-streaming software. Its user-friendly interface allows for quick configuration of your live broadcasts or recordings, significantly lowering the learning curve. Whether you're a professional user or a beginner, Kandao Stream makes it effortless to get started.

Real-time Stitching and Setup

Quickly Start Live-streaming with Simply One-click

With just one click, Kandao Stream software effortlessly connects to the Kandao VR Cam, enabling 8K 3D live-streaming. It realizes real-time stitching during live-streaming. Users have the flexibility to adjust camera parameters, streaming resolution, and bitrate, enhancing their broadcasting experience.

One-click Parallax Correction

Effortless Parallax Adjustment for Comfortable Viewing

With a single click, Kandao Stream corrects parallax in live-streaming, ensuring a comfortable and realistic 3D viewing experience. No need to worry about increased parallax, even at close distances.

Support up to 150Mbps Bitrate

Recording while Live-streaming

In Kandao Stream software, users can select simultaneous 8K live-streaming and recording. This offers users the ability to share thrilling moments in real-time with the audience through live broadcasts, while also capturing high-quality footage for post-production. It provides a diverse range of content creation and sharing options for users.

Outstanding Lens Color Correction Capability

Experience Lifelike Scenes with Best Visual Effects

With the function of lens color correction, it swiftly addresses issues like purple fringing, distortion, and vignetting. The real-time processing greatly imrpoves image quality, unveiling vibrant colors, and ultimately delivering an outstanding and lifelike visual experience.

Support Professional Sound Card Equipment

Provide a Top-notch Audio Experience

By connecting with premium professional sound card equipment, it provides more posibilities for creation and tuning, and ensure the top-notch audio quality in live streaming. The precise synchronization of audio and video delivers an unparalleled immersive live experience to audiences.

Low Latency Live Streaming

Support Multiple Live Streaming Protocol

It supports protocols including RTMP, RTMPS, SRT and SDI, providing flexible and diverse options for live streaming transmission, and ensuring a stable, low-latency and high-quality live streaming experience.

H.265 Live Coding

With H.265 live coding, Kandao VR Cam has superior image quality while maintaining smaller file sizes.


Pixel Synchronization with Real-time Rendering

It synchronously renders the images of left and right eye at the pixel level, ensuring the image consistency of both eyes and provides an enhanced and more realistic stereoscopic experience.

Standard Pupillary Distance Design of 65mm

Providing a comfortable stereoscopic vision that matches the human eye parallax, enhancing 3D effects while reducing dizziness.

Robust Camera Body with Versatile Interfaces

The pure space aluminum body is equipped with multiple standard interfaces, allowing seamless connection with a wide range of accessories.

Switchable Lenses

You can choose between fisheye or flat lenses based on your needs, making it super easy to create unique VR 180 footage or super detailed 3D content.

POE Power Supply

The deploment is easy as both power supply and data transmission can be achieved by a network cable.

Provide SDK for Custom and Extended Camera

With the provided Soft Development Kit (SDK), users can customize the platform according to their requirements, effortlessly connect the camera to a third-party software, and unlock more application scenarios.

Fully Equipped

Kandao VR Cam is fully equipped, and it is ready to use upon boxing. The safety box provides robust protection for the camera and make it easy to carry.

Assured Quality Service for Confident Purchases

Our company specializes in the advancement and innovation of VR software and hardware. With a profound understanding of customer demands, we actively engage with their feedbacks and consistently improve the quality of our products.


Efficient heat dissipation ensures
stable camera performance


Supports 24-hour work


One Year Warrenty


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